The Launch of Gr3EN Energy

green energyHONOLULU, Hawaii — GR3EN Energy is ready to make a splash with a new organic energy drink that harnesses the flavor and functions of kale, coconut water, and green tea.

FarmRoof Founder Alan Joaquin saw the need for a healthier energy source that gives a boost without synthetic stimulants or additives. “GR3EN Energy is different by design” explains Joaquin. “From what we put in the can, to what we don’t, to our mission and marketing.”

Nationally renowned Naturopathic Physician and Author Dr. Laurie Steelsmith touts the benefits, saying “GR3EN Energy is void of the potentially unhealthy ingredients found in conventional energy drinks like taurine, synthetic chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Kale, coconut water, and green tea are well known for their health-promoting properties.”

Joaquin adds “There’s too much negative energy in the world. We want to be the energy drink hero or good guy.” GR3EN Energy plans to do that through its “Seed the Future” campaign which supports sustainable rooftop farming.

Whole Foods Market will be the first retailer in the State to offer GR3EN Energy. Claire Sullivan, Hawaii Coordinator for Purchasing and Public Affairs said it was a natural fit. “Our customers love their kale and we’re delighted to introduce them to this delicious new way of consuming super healthy greens in an organic energy drink” says Sullivan. “We are particularly pleased to support GR3EN’s mission to empower urban communities to engage in rooftop organic agriculture, which resonates with Whole Foods Market’s own core values.”

Southern Wine and Spirits will be the exclusive GR3EN Energy distributor for Hawaii hotels, restaurants, and retailers. Executive Vice President Warren Shon calls GR3EN Energy a game changer. Shon says, “We’ve been approached by a number of different energy drink companies, but none stood out. GR3EN Energy was the first to get our attention with its unique flavor profile and purpose. We like to support a local business that’s making a positive difference in our community.”

About GR3EN Energy

GR3EN Energy is a sustainable Hawaii lifestyle brand built around an organic kale energy drink that empowers people to challenge themselves and the status quo.

About FarmRoof

The Hawaii company that installed the world’s first certified organic food-producing green roof is branching out into the energy drink market. FarmRoof has transformed rooftop spaces over hospitals, homeless shelters, restaurants, and residences into thriving farms.

About Alan Joaquin

Eco-preneur/Rooftop farmer/Action Sport enthusiast. His entrepreneurial journey started as a 15 year old Kaiser High Freshman when he took out a $1,700 loan to buy a lawnmower to launch a landscaping business. Hawaii Business honored Alan as the 2012 Small Business Success Awards Innovator and in 2013 named him one of the top 20 leaders to watch over the next 20 years.