ZMIX Cocktail Mixer Launches in Georgia and Tennessee

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A little over a year after conceiving the idea over drinks, a Knoxville partnership became first-to-market in North America with ZMIX, a zero-calorie, concentrated cocktail mixer. Three flavors went on sale in package stores across Georgia and Tennessee on October 3, 2014. Augustine Gattuso, President, introduced ZMIX:

zmix 480

“With ZMIX, we wanted to create a simple, easy-to-use cocktail mixer that tasted great without the added calories. We found that adults were already using powdered and liquid water enhancers to flavor cocktails, but everyone complained of the taste. ZMIX is specially formulated to blend perfectly with 1-2 oz of distilled spirits.”

Tom Namey, Director of Marketing, continued:

“In addition to creating a great-tasting product, it was important that we create a brand that was fun, energetic, and appealing to our diverse target audience of 21-35 year-olds. As we tested ZMIX, we saw our demographic grow. Men and women, young and old were enjoying ZMIX. Some loved Purple Hooter or Cosmo in dry sparkling wine, while others enjoyed a squeeze of Lemon Drop in their moonshine. ZMIX has mass appeal.”

ZMIX is made with natural flavors to best recreate the taste of handmade cocktails—cranberry, orange and lime in ZMIX Cosmo, for example. Each bottle includes a recipe for a shooter, cocktail and martini on the back. The end user can select their vodka or clear grain spirit of choice, giving them total control over the quality of alcohol mixed into their cocktail. Andy Maupin, Director of Development, added:

“The consumer is in complete control—ZMIX creates great-tasting drinks with almost any clear grain spirit. Our website includes dozens more low-calorie cocktail recipes, along with a photo of each drink.”

ZMIX was developed as an alternative to lugging around large bottles of cocktail mixers full of thousands of extra calories. Director of Finance Matt Johnson, M.B.A. concluded:

“Tailgates, camping trips, boating … the portability and ease-of-use factors are huge with a concentrated cocktail mixer. And the fact that ZMIX is concentrated and calorie-free makes it a first for the alcohol industry. We are very excited to share the product with the rest of the country!”