Aquanew Donates 3000 Bottles of Watt-Ahh to the Modern Pentathlon and Contributes More than $6,000 to ChildHelp

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 5.55.07 PMSarasota, Fla. – The Sarasota-Bradenton area is fast emerging as a leading destination for major sporting events. International Athletes showed their skill this past weekend, not only in one sport but a total of five: involving running, target shooting, fencing, swimming and equestrian jumping on randomly selected horses at the 2015 Modern Pentathlon World Cup #1. A record-breaking crowd of 17,000 attendees cheered for all of the pentathletes, representing 35 different countries, in what will be a world-televised event.

Sarasota Modern Pentathlon Chair Katherine Harris and her team lined up some of Sarasota’s renowned “Cultural Athletes” to entertain the pentathletes and their fans, including an evening performance at Circus Sarasota. Here, spectators witnessed a seven-person pyramid on high wire with the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original iconic Karl Wallenda (including his granddaughter Delilah and her son, Nik Wallenda). Ballerinas from the Sarasota Cuban Ballerina Schoolperformed on stage at Nathan Benderson Park, and a Chinese dragon troupe intrigued the crowd. A Herrmann’s Royal Lipizzan Stallion Horse closed the ceremony by prancing before the crowd.

Sarasota’s AquaNew, as part of its sponsorship for the Modern Pentathlon, donated more than 3,000 bottles of its Watt-Ahh® bottled water for the athletes, their coaches, dignitaries, and the many volunteers who helped the games to become an international sporting and cultural success. Event attendees also donated a total of $185 to the nonprofit ChildHelp®, an organization that fights child abuse and neglect To date, AquaNew’s customers have donated nearly $6,000 to ChildHelp® through some of Watt-Ahh® sales proceeds.

Note: In 2016, there will be two qualifying events held in Sarasota for the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, August 2016 (“Road to Rio”).

About AquaNew: AquaNew, LLC is located in Sarasota, FL. and holds the worldwide exclusive license on the Technology to manufacture Polarized Water. The first bottled water product, Watt-Ahh®, was launched in the commercial market in November of 2007. AquaNew’s Water is a key ingredient in a variety of consumable products manufactured by other companies.

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