AriZona Infuses its Classics with Caffeine

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 3.44.13 PMYour beloved Arnold Palmer is now available with the option of added jet fuel. Today AriZona Beverages announced the launch of a new line of energy drinks, infusing four of the brand’s existing flavors – Arnold Palmer, Watermelon, Fruit Punch and Mucho Mango – with 120 mg of natural caffeine via a blend of guarana, green and white tea and green coffee extract.

The decision to charge up its proven sellers rather than develop an entirely new line extension marks a change in strategy for AriZona, which despite its longstanding success in iced teas and juices, has struggled to find its footing in the energy drink category. Past attempts including AZ Energy, Rx Energy Herbal Tea and Caution Performance have failed to materialize as significant players in the space. Still, that space continues to be an attractive category to be in, so AriZona’s not done dabbling there just yet.

The company’s latest product launch comes as company co-founder and CEO Don Vultaggio regains complete control of AriZona, following a seven-year long legal dispute with co-founder John Ferolito. In an August interview with The Wall Street Journal, Vultaggio laid out his plans for AriZona’s future, including the doubling the size of the company’s New Jersey manfacturing facility and a return to his beer selling roots with Crazy Cowboy, a lager set to debut later this Fall.

AriZona’s new energy drinks will be available in 16 oz. cans at an introductory price of two for $3.00.

The company’s full press release can be found below

WOODBURY, NY (PRWEB) OCTOBER 07, 2015–AriZona’s popular fruit juice and Arnold Palmer beverages are bursting into the energy + recovery category. For the first time ever, Watermelon, Mucho Mango, Fruit Punch and Arnold Palmer will hit the shelves with an added boost of natural energy using a blend of cutting edge, functional ingredients.

Made with a natural energy blend of guarana, green and white tea and green coffee extract, our unique formula also contains coconut water, essential vitamins, super fruits, resveratrol and BCAAS, providing performance-enhancing benefits with 120mg of caffeine per can.

Naturally sweetened at 100 calories per can of Arnold Palmer and 140 calories per can of Watermelon, Fruit Punch and Mucho Mango, these products are unlike any other energy beverage on the market. Containing no artificial colors or preservatives while staying true to their timeless and celebrated taste, AriZona fans can now enjoy these supercharged AZ classics to help them get through their day.

AriZona’s Arnold Palmer, Watermelon, Fruit Punch and Mucho Mango Energy beverages will be sold in vibrant 16-ounce cans in select stores along the east coast, with an introductory retail price of 2/$3.00.

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AriZona Beverages, founded in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1992, is proud to be a family owned and operated American company. AriZona’s mission is to offer top quality beverages in uniquely designed packages that are accessible and affordable. AriZona Beverages — makers of the number one ready-to-drink Iced Tea in America – holds a unique position in the global beverage industry with its iconic $0.99 big can and “keeping it real” no frills approach to the consumer market. AriZona never pays for glitzy advertising campaigns to gain consumer loyalty and is constantly ahead of the curve, carving out trends without the use of focus groups and market research. With a loyal following across various demographics, AriZona pulls its own inspiration from its fierce social media following and devoted fan base. To learn more about the AriZona please visit; Facebook: AriZonaIcedTea; Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest: @DrinkAriZona