Cheerwine Brings Back Limited-Edition Holiday Punch

SALISBURY, NC (DECEMBER 8, 2015) – We love holiday traditions.  Especially in the South.  Children caroling.  An abundance of colorful twinkling lights.  Making lists and checking them twice.  And – perhaps most of all – friends and family gathering for holiday favorites like baked ham trimmed in pineapple rings, sweet potato casserole sprinkled with brown sugar and glasses filled to the brim with Cheerwine® Holiday Punch.

With all the home decorating, school shows, and parades – not to mention the cooking and cleaning – it’s a relief (okay . . . a pleasure) to serve guests a cherished holiday tradition that doesn’t have to be made from scratch.  Meet Cheerwine Holiday Punch.  Generations of families in Salisbury and surrounding areas have celebrated holiday gatherings and other events with Cheerwine Punch, known far and wide as the “official punch” of the South.


For the second year in a row, Cheerwine is offering a pre-mixed blend of its legendary punch in two-liter bottles during the upcoming holiday season.  Limited supplies of the Cheerwine Holiday Punch are available only in North and South Carolina at select retail locations including Bi-Lo, Winn-Dixie, Circle K, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Walmart and other retail outlets.

Although many southern families take pride in their own variations of the venerable punch, Cheerwine is bottling the classic blend to create the perfect, easy-to-serve drink for the holidays.  The punch can be served chilled directly from the bottle or, for a more festive party atmosphere poured into a punchbowl and garnished with fruit or sherbet for serving.

The company is producing limited quantities of the bottled Cheerwine Holiday Punch only during the holidays and, like last year, anticipates strong demand.  Because of its limited availability during the holiday season, Cheerwine officials said they suggest consumers to stock up on Cheerwine Holiday Punch as soon as possible.

“For years, Cheerwine fans had asked us about offering Holiday Punch.  We responded with Cheerwine Holiday Punch in two liter bottles for the first time last year in a few Carolina markets and were overwhelmed with the response,” Cheerwine assistant brand manager Joy Ritchie said.  “Like anything you prepare to serve during the holidays, you never know how much to make.  Store shelves quickly emptied last year.  We are bottling more this year in hopes of sharing more holiday fun across the Carolinas.”

“We know that many families have been making Cheerwine punch for generations and hope this ready to serve blend makes it easier to enjoy holidays,” Ritchie added.

Cheerwine is offering recipes for special serving variations, such as Cheerwine Holiday Punch with sherbet, on the company’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest).

About Cheerwine

CHEERWINE: Born in the South. Raised in a Glass.

Launched in 1917 by L.D. Peeler, Cheerwine is a soft drink with a flavor that always surprises. It is an iconic brand from North Carolina. Owned and distributed by the Carolina Beverage Corp. and Cheerwine Bottling Co. in Salisbury, N.C., the 98-year-old companyis still privately owned and managed by the same founding family, five generations of whom have worked there. Cliff Ritchie leads Cheerwine as president and CEO. Available in supermarkets, restaurants, mass merchandisers and convenience stores in select states nationwide and on the website at