Deadworld Soda Adds Distribution in Canada

unnamed-2August 31, 2015 Caprice Brands, the makers of Deadworld Zombie Soda, are proud to announce they have secured distribution of its premium, all natural flavored, glass bottled soda line throughout Canada by way of Vintage Soda located in Airdrie, Alberta and Soda Pop Central located in Whitby, Ontario. Now retailers and other distributors within Canada can easily obtain Deadworld Zombie Soda through these establishments.

“We’re received strong demand from retailers in Canada that are finding out about our unique beverage soda line and now we have a way of meeting their needs with two strategically located suppliers,” commented Caprice Brands CEO Paul Burke. Adding, ”since we officially launched a few months ago the demand has been impressive with interest from distributors, convenience stores, grocery stores and even candy businesses from around the United States who want to make one of the most unique beverages out on the market today available to their customers. Over the coming months we’ll have a number of exciting announcements regarding the sodas and the Deadworld brand.”

Deadworld Zombie Sodas are available in 12 unique flavors and feature labels drawn by 41 comic book artists who have provided their own creative spin with depictions of zombies and characters based on the long running cult-favorite Deadworld comic book series. With unique branding and marketing and the unending popularity of zombie/horror television shows and feature films; rise of comic book movies and conventions across the global; Deadworld Zombie Sodas target the 14-40 year old core consumer and follower of such multi-media programming/events.

About Deadworld Zombie Soda
Deadworld Zombie Soda is a premium, all natural flavored, glass bottled soda line conceived, marketed and sold by Caprice Brands LLC based in Livonia Michigan. The premium bottled drinks are manufactured by Intrastate Distributors located in Detroit Michigan. Intrastate Distributors is one of Michigan’s largest beverage bottlers with brands such as Frostie Root Beer and Towne Club. Deadworld is a comic book-based series first started in 1986 and has since spawned  100+ issues and graphic novels with over one million copies in print.