E-Hydrate Welcomes Sofia Vergara as Equity Partner, Expands into Target Stores Nationwide

512x512_PTOG-RTM-Two-FlavorsMARINA DEL REY, Calif., Sept. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — E-hydrate, the maker of natural Protein On-the-Go, hydration drink mixes and energy gels, today announced that entrepreneur and award-winning television and film actress Sofia Vergara has joined the company as one of its equity partners.

E-hydrate offers a complete range of natural products for the entire health-conscious family that is always on-the-go!  The product lineup is available now at every Target store nationally and on Target.com.

“Sofia is one of the world’s leading women entrepreneurs and is a visionary professional whose presence extends well beyond that of a typical celebrity,” said Dan Adler, co-founder of E-hydrate. “We are honored that Sofia shares our enthusiasm for the company’s line of products and believes in the brand’s vision. Working with her and her team at Latin World Entertainment is a pleasure.”

Sofia is enthusiastic about her involvement with E-hydrate. I’m excited about E-hydrate’s momentum and commitment to making a range of great tasting and nutritious natural products for the whole family,” she said.

E-hydrate’s natural products are ready all the time and are available in convenient single-serve packaging, including the innovativeProtein On-the-Go RTM (“Ready to Mix”) patent-pending pouch, which becomes its own bottle when water is added. Just add water and shake to enjoy 25 grams of delicious, premium protein anywhere, anytime. E-hydrate’s hydration + energy drink mixes and KIDS E-hydrate hydration + immunity drink mixes are now also available at all Target stores, in the Health and Wellness aisle.

E-hydrate, in keeping with Target’s tradition of generosity, donates 5% of its profits to benefit local community organizations from the sales of its line of natural nutritional products, including Protein On-the-Go and the hydration drink mixes for adults and children. Peter Evans, the company’s CMO added, “We are committed to delivering healthy, nutritious natural products for everyone, and to making a meaningful financial contribution to a wide variety of important causes across the USA.”

For more information about E-hydrate, visit E-hydrate.com, and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

About E-hydrate:

E-hydrate’s great-tasting, natural protein, hydration and endurance products target health and fitness-conscious, on-the-go consumers. E-hydrate’s natural products are ready all the time and are available in convenient single-serve packaging, including theProtein On-the-Go RTM (“Ready to Mix”) patent-pending pouch which becomes its own bottle when water is added. All of E-hydrate’s products are natural with great tasting real flavors born in the kitchen, not a laboratory. “Finally, natural tastes great.”

About LatinWE:

Latin World Entertainment is the premiere Hispanic talent management, entertainment-marketing, production and licensing firm in the U.S. LatinWE represents the biggest stars, opinion makers and trendsetters in the Spanish-speaking entertainment world and leverages that star power to take brands into the burgeoning US Hispanic market. www.latinwe.com.