Hangover Joe’s Announces Partnership with Specialty Marketing Systems

Hangover Joe’s Holding Corporation (OTCQB: HJOE), developers of Hangover Recovery Shot and Git-R-Done-Energy, along with Git-R-Done Productions, Inc. and Larry the Cable Guy, is pleased to announce a long term agreement with Specialty Marketing Systems, LLC in Nashville, Tennessee. SMS will be offering individual dealerships to distribute both products to retailers in the US, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. SMS has distributed TABASCO® brand products across the U.S. through a network of dealerships since 1996. Dealers have exclusive rights to distribute the products in their chosen territories and are paid on a percentage basis.

“We are excited to be a part of the HJOE product family and look forward to participating in the growth of these two outstanding brands”, said Don Cunningham, President of SMS. “We anticipate a very bright future for our distributor/entrepreneurs as we work together to put these two outstanding products where they belong-on the shelves of retail stores everywhere.”

Building a distributorship team for their brands exclusively is an option HJOE had not previously considered. After connecting with SMS, they are excited about the possibilities of this fortuitous decision to align with them to take the brand forward.

“This agreement is the best thing that has ever happened to our Company,” said Mike Jaynes Co-Founder of Hangover Joe’s and Chairman of the Board. “The deal took considerable time to work out. We had to figure out how our existing distributors would fit in and how we could transition all of North America to SMS. It helped that SMS is headquartered in Nashville, facilitating easier communication.”

The two companies continue to work together closely as they work through the transition. SMS will be bringing people in from all over the country to learn and train on the HJOE brands. They’ll help develop sales tools, store locators, and applications, and HJOE will build out their websites to accommodate changes. Corporate leaders will be traveling around the country to meet new reps and support them in the field. More trade shows and event promotions are planned throughout the year with celebrity spokesperson, Larry the Cable Guy, highlighting his all-natural, no caffeine, Git- R-Done Energy drink. SMS brings invaluable experience to the table with their success in expanding the Tabasco brand name in North America. With over 300 specialty gift and food products, Tabasco has moved into many other marketing venues beyond its iconic hot sauce. SMS distributors have played a part in helping them broaden their brand name exposure to other markets.

“This is a game changer for Hangover Joe’s”, said Matthew Veal CEO for HJOE. “SMS has over fifteen years’ experience building distributorships for Tabasco brand products. They now have SMS dealers all over the USA. They’re going to do the same for HJOE, building a solid team of SMS HJOE representatives to distribute The Hangover Recovery Shot and Git-R-Done Energy. The plan is to roll this brand up and down the streets, first in the top 50 markets in the USA, then in Canada, and ultimately, into Ireland and the UK.”

“The UK & Ireland are going to be outstanding markets for our brand,” said Shawn Adamson, Co-Founder of Hangover Joe’s. “I have been privileged to spend time in these countries and have found the people there to be great salt of the earth folks who enjoy life and love to celebrate. The Hangover Joe’s brand should do very well in these markets.”

Frank Burks, SMS Vice President added, “For almost twenty years, SMS has distributed TABASCO® products exclusively. The HJOE products are the first to entice us to branch out beyond a single brand. We believe Git-R-Done Energy and The Hangover Recovery Shot are two products with staggering potential to take the market and run. They are tested, proven sales performers. Consumers and retailers alike love them. They’re “in the chute” and ready to skyrocket through the stratosphere. They just need a good push to get out there-and that’s where we come in.”

Burks encourages individuals interested in a Dealer/Distributorship for HJOE products to contact SMS at www.smsdealerships.com.