Industry Veteran Takes the Reins at FulHum Water

FulHam WaterJohn Blackington, a longtime veteran of the beverage industry, has stepped in as interim president of EarthWater, the maker of high alkaline, mineral-infused water brand FulHum Water.

A former Coca-Cola Co. executive, Blackington has over 30 years of experience in the beverage business, including the last 10 as a managing partner at consumer product advisory firm GBS Growth Partners. GBS describes itself as providing consulting services for early- and mid-stage companies in areas of distribution, marketing, sales, supply chain and human resources, and along with Celsius, Bolthouse Farms and Coca-Cola Consolidated’s BYB Brands, the company has represented EarthWater as a client.

Packaged in a uniquely designed, custom-molded plastic bottle, FulHum uses a sleeve wrap with the image of Earth mapped with its continents near the bulbous top of the bottle. Featuring the tagline “The greatest water on Earth,” the water is marketed as providing consumers with “minerals that you can see.” Those minerals include fulvic and humic compounds, from which the brand name is derived. Fulvic acid also gives the water its distinct black color. Based in the Dallas area, EarthWater sells FulHum in several independent and chain natural grocers, including Sprouts and Jimbo’s.

As interim president, Blackington’s primary responsibility is to “assist Fulhum behind its overall commercialization efforts, including building its distributor and retailer network and eventually expanding into other major markets across the U.S.,” according to a press release from the company.

Describing the FulHum as “a great product with a relevant consumer point-of-difference, a strong growth strategy and a focused leadership team to drive growth,” Blackington faces an increasingly competitive market for alkaline waters, a category that includes Essentia and Aquahydrate, as well as blk, which like FulHum, is a fulvic-enhanced water.