Jade Monk Now Available in Five Regions of Whole Foods Markets

AUSTIN, Texas, April 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Jade Monk is redefining the ready-to-drink tea category with its first-to-market line of organic, cold-brewed matcha green teas. Now available in 5 regions of Whole Foods Market, Jade Monk’s new line of premium matcha tea is a delicious, authentic offering of some of the finest tea to ever hit the mainstream beverage set.

Utilizing a cold-brewing method, no heat is ever introduced during the production of Jade Monk’s USDA Organic and Non-GMO verified matcha beverages. To extend shelf life of the perishable tea, Jade Monk uses high-pressure-processing, a new method of cold pasteurization that applies high pressure (over 30 tons worth) to inactivate bacteria and other unwanted hazards without the need for high temperature pasteurization which can be detrimental to matcha’s delicate flavor and whole food nutrients.

JadeMonk.466“Matcha green tea is unlike any other tea on Earth,” states Mike Fulkerson, Chief Commercial Officer and member of Jade Monk, LLC.“Because matcha is made by delicately grinding the entire tea leaf into a fine powder, all of those whole food nutrients and health benefits that regular tea bags carry away stay in the beverage and are consumed when you drink Jade Monk matcha.”

Although matcha may seem relatively new to the US, it has been consumed for well over 800 years throughout the Far East. For nearly a millennium, the Japanese have been honing and refining the art of matcha production, which has culminated in a distinct green tea that contains unrivaled flavor, nutritional properties and health benefits. Studies have shown that just one serving of matcha green tea contains the antioxidant equivalent of over 10 servings of traditional steeped green tea. Matcha drinkers also benefit from the whole food trace minerals and amino acids that the tea contains.

The Jade Monk ready-to-drink beverage line consists of 4 initial flavors: Unsweetened, Slightly Sweet, Mint + Honey, and Matcha Cleanse. The line can currently be found in the refrigerated beverage sets of Whole Foods Market stores in the Pacific Northwest, Southern Pacific, Florida, South and Mid-Atlantic regions. According to Derek Pippin, COO and co-founder of Jade Monk “These five regions of Whole Foods Market are the first stores in the nation to carry our premium matcha green teas. We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Whole Foods Market, and we are excited to offer their customers our modern version of Japan’s thousand year old secret, matcha.”

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