NACS 2015 Video: Mamma Chia’s C-Store Strategy

Mamma Chia, a leading producer of organic, chia-based foods and beverages, made its second appearance at the National Association of Convenience Stores show.

In a video interview filmed at the event, Matt Buckley, Mamma Chia’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, discussed the company’s foray into convenience stores, noting that the retailing channel may offer access to millennial consumers.

“The millennial continues to be more and more important for the players in these channels, being convenience, and what we found is to be here is going to give us this opportunity to break into the convenience channel that we really haven’t played much to date in,” Buckley said.

Buckley noted that because “the millennial shops everywhere” — and not just traditional grocery — Mamma Chia sees huge opportunity for growth in convenience stores, as well as specialty and drug retailers. The challenge for the company, he said, is choosing a product mix that it can effectively market in those stores and the best ways to educate consumers about their benefits.

“If you think about it, the traditional way people shop is gone,” Buckley said. “So they look for things like a drug store where they might not have traditionally shopped. They’re starting to use that more.”

Watch this video to hear more from Buckley about Mamma Chia’s efforts in the convenience store channel and how the company navigates distribution for its refrigerated beverages.