NYSW Beverage Brands Introduces bottlePORT

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (August 24, 2015) – bottlePORT, Inc. aims to give mindful beverage drinkers convenience and value by introducing eco-friendly, natural ingredients line “bottlePORT.” In an agreement with NYSW Beverage Brands, Inc. to be the exclusive “bottler”, the innovative new company will redefine the dosing cap segment by using this technology to create a reusable bottle system that delivers several drinks per one bottle.

Customers will be able to purchase a reusable “bottlePORT” with multiple caps that contain healthy ingredients in flavor forward varieties, Coconut Mango and Acai Blueberry Pomegranate to start. The reusable bottle will provide active consumers the option to refill with water, coconut water, or their protein supplement of choice, putting them in direct charge of balancing their existing health goals with ever changing lifestyle requirements, especially on the go.  By choosing to reuse, consumers can ditch disposables, divert plastic from landfills, and reduce their environmental footprint. In addition, bottlePORT caps will fit most water bottles offering cross marketing opportunities and further value for customers who would prefer only buying caps.

The bottle, which is made from post-consumer recycled plastic, can easily be taken anywhere. While the caps, which can be purchased in bulk, offer variety and value. The brand, being led by founder Luke Zakka, has plans for several SKUs, all of which deliver better value to customers as well as eco-friendly, sustainable packaging.

“Bottled beverages are a way of life. They will never go away, only change. But, a bottle does not need to be discarded every single time you have a drink, even if it is a high quality and great tasting product.” said Luke Zakka. “We’ve gone one step further and thought about the value our caps provide thoroughly. Our team’s vision is one rooted in our deep sense of responsibility and love of the Beverage industry. In conjunction with NYSW, we feel the perfect ingredients have met good timing in the market for this innovation. Its attractive, the value proposition is right and our existing processes for sales, marketing, design, manufacturing and distribution have made this one of the most efficient projects we’ve worked on. Its also been really exciting.”

As of release, bottlePORT has arranged for distribution in more than 3000 accounts through new and existing partnerships nationwide by the end of 2015.

For more information on buying, distributing or retailing bottlePORT products, visit www.btlprt.com or call (845) 254-5400 ext 103. For 2015 NACS attendees please visit booth number 1772 and for 2015 NBWA attendees please visit booth number 113.

About bottlePORT

bottlePORT is a family owned beverage company, guided by the principals of sustainability, value, and convenience. Inspired by mindful consumption, founder Luke Zakka believes that businesses should be leaders in promoting healthy lifestyles and a healthy environment. By encouraging reuse and using post-consumer recycled materials, bottlePORT has joined the community of eco-friendly businesses that contribute to the diversion of plastic waste from landfills. With flavor-forward, high end varieties, bottlePORT stands for healthy ingredients and the belief that mindfulness and high-quality go hand in hand, while continuing to give people more reasonably priced options in their natural beverage choices.