Project Juice Launches Detox Companion Kit and All Day Energy Pack

SAN FRANCISCO (November 30, 2015) – Project Juice, the West Coast’s leading certified organic and non-GMO, cold-pressedjuice and clean food company, announced today the launch of its new Detox Companion Kit and All Day Energy Pack, helping fight the battle against weight gain and post-holiday fatigue.

The holidays bring joy and love as family and friends gather to celebrate, which means that stress, bloat, winter colds and overall fatigue sometimes follow. The new Detox Companion Kit and the All Day Energy Pack help the body stay healthy and energized through it all. Both are available for purchase online for nationwide delivery and in-store at Southern and Northern California stores.

Project Juice’s Detox Companion Kit consists of 10 cold-pressed juices – Black Magic and Green Lemon – and 10 wellness shots – Liver Flush and Tummy Tonic – which can be consumed over a five-day period, along with whole foods. It is a powerhouse of herbs, activated charcoal, leafy greens and potent probiotics, which help the body ramp up its own detoxifying superpowers.


Detox Companion Kit’s health benefits and how it works:

  • Liver Flush: Each morning, start the day with the Liver Flush Wellness Shot. This shot contains grapefruit, aloe, milk thistle, burdock and cayenne – all which have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying benefits.
  • Green Lemon: Follow the first wellness shot with this bestseller, which helps the body achieve an alkaline state. This blend, made with leafy greens and lemon, help your liver do its work, which increases energy and will stimulate healthy digestion.
  • Black Magic: Used as a mid-afternoon snack after a lunch of clean foods, this juice includes cayenne, which has a thermogenic effect and activated charcoal, which helps flush toxins, and lemon to aid in liver support.
  • Tummy Tonic: Two hours after dinner, bottoms up with this anti-inflammatory, which also will give the body a powerful dose of probiotics to help aid in digestion as the body rests.

The All Day Energy Pack was created to keep energy levels high throughout the day – perfect for a day filled with holiday shopping, decorating and getting ready for parties. It consists of five Green Ginger blends, five True Brew – a delicious cold brew coffee drink, and five Mineral Surge Wellness Shots.


All Day Energy Pack’s health benefits and how it works:

  • Green Ginger: First thing in the morning, drink this blend to wake up the digestive system, restore alkalinity and receive a boost to the immune system.
  • Mineral Surge: Immediately after the Green Ginger, throw this back for a dose of high energy from its Himalayan shilajit – 85 essential minerals delivered to the body and brain, which need them to work their best.
  • True-Brew: Mid-morning enjoy this cold-brewed coffee, which is less acidic than its counterparts. This will help sustain energy throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

The All Day Energy Kit ($115) and the Detox Companion Kit ($170) are available for purchase online with free nationwide delivery. Both are also available at Southern and Northern California Project Juice retail stores. For more information

About Project Juice:

Project Juice began as our personal “project” to energize our bodies with superior nutrition. Our interest in cold-pressed juicing and elevating the quality of our food began by necessity, from our own struggles with food allergies and sensitivities. Our interest quickly became a passion after experiencing the undeniable benefits of consuming an organic diet, rooted in clean food and powerful cold-pressed juices. Today, Project Juice helps thousands live their best lives, by developing and delivering the highest quality cold-pressed juice and clean food. We are the West Coast’s leading certified organic, non-GMO verified, cold-pressed juice and clean food company. We cater to a devoted clientele, who range from front-page celebrities and nationally acclaimed fitness experts, to multitasking parents and busy professionals. For more information, visit