Seek Physis LLC Launches 6 Hour Sleep

about-bottleLOS ANGELES, Dec. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — It’s an undeniable truth that most people in America are not getting anywhere near enough sleep.  In fact they are operating on so little, it’s impairing their performance at home, at work, and even in social situations in very significant ways. Fortunately, a new supplement, 6 Hour Sleep, recently announced its launch geared towards addressing these issues, using a drug free approach to help its users reset, recharge, and revive optimally.

“We saw a real pressing need for a supplement that wasn’t like the sleep aids available everywhere that have extreme weaknesses,” commented a spokesperson from 6 Hour Sleep.  “They may help people who take them fall asleep, but when they wake up, it’s like being in slow motion.  Energy and athleticism are totally impaired.  6 Hour Sleep takes a very different approach: a drug free approach. It helps consumers get to sleep sooner, but also delivers to the body what it needs to rebuild while sleeping, so they can wake up feeling completely refreshed.  In our opinion, there’s nothing like 6 Hour Sleep on the market today, so we expect it to become popular very quickly.”

According to the company, there’s an expertly crafted list of natural ingredients that make up the unique 6 Hour Sleep formula.  Some highlights include:  Mangosteen: a fruit that can balance the immune system, as well help produce melatonin; Acai Extract: an extract from a high powered fruit that is a potent antioxidant; GABA: a natural calming agent; Melatonin: well known for helping a person quickly fall asleep; 5-HTP: which helps the body produce serotonin, encouraging a sense of calm and relaxation; and Valerian Root: known to balance the central nervous system; to name just some of the key ingredients of the formula.

To encourage potential customers to see how well 6 Hour Sleep performs, the company is offering a limited time only free sample of the sleep tonic.  This gives a clear indication of how much confidence they have in the formula to help consumers sleep, reset their bodies, and be ready for action.  By giving out free samples a very clear message is sent –  6 Hour Sleep’s team is assured that whomever tries this product will be highly appreciative of both its effectiveness and its appealing flavor.

Early feedback from users has been very positive across the board.

Emily G., from Boston, recently said, “I’m very lucky to have had a chance to try 6 Hour Sleep.  In the past I have used over-the-counter chemical-based sleep aids, and they never left me feeling okay once I woke up.  No matter how long I slept, I found myself extremely tired with fatigue crushing me throughout the day.  6 Hour Sleep is the exact opposite.  I drink a bottle, sleep 6 or 7 hours, and wake up feeling like I can conquer the world.  Totally recommended.”

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