Video: An Inside Look at the Bulletproof Coffee Cafe

Earlier this year Bulletproof, a brand best known for a recipe of grass-fed butter-and-oil-infused coffee that is said to increase energy and improve health, opened its first retail store. Located in Santa Monica, Calif., the shop operates primarily as a cafe, but also sells specialized ingredients for the coffee blend, including Bulletproof’s “upgraded” coffee beans and “Brain Octane” oil. The store also plays a key role in educating new consumers to founder Dave Asprey’s philosophy of “biohacking,” the notion of improving human functionality through changes in biochemistry.

In a recent visit to Bulletproof’s store, BevNET spoke with manager Christopher Szeto (who describes himself as a “black hat hacker” for the brand) about the formulation of Bulletproof coffee (and why fat is a key component), how brick-and-mortar locations enhance the relationship with its consumers, and Bulletproof’s recent foray into an enhanced water called FATwater, a product that is also sold at the store.