VOSS Announces “Take A Spin Around Voss World” Summer 2015 Promotion

VOSS-Product-StillNEW YORK CITY—VOSS Water of Norway today announced its 2015 summer promotion. The “TAKE A SPIN AROUND VOSS WORLD” promotion extends last year’s popular “Spin and Win” program which attracted the attention of more than 27,000 consumers who played the game 214,000 times. VOSS will engage consumers though heavy social media and point-of-sale in U.S retail stores. Participants will be able to enter through the official VOSS Facebook page, Twitter and www.takeaspinaroundvossworld.com for the chance to win a luxury trip to Dubai, London, Hong Kong, Sydney or Oslo. Other prizes include a weekend getaway, dinners at great restaurants, custom VOSS bottle shaped flash drives and phone chargers plus hundreds of coupons for free bottles of VOSS. The promotion will be featured on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, delivering over 10 million social media impressions. VOSS is already a hit on Instagram. Due to its iconic look, fans have spontaneously posted over 379,900 photos of the distinctive bottle.

Starting June 14, in-store displays with Quick Response (QR) Codes will encourage consumers to play the game on their smartphones. Participants can also play on their computers. The game has been designed to allow consumers to spin the VOSS bottle once per day when they share it with their friends through a variety of social media. Just like last year, Voss is expecting this feature to make the game go viral with lots of attention and excitement over the entire length of the seven week promotion which ends July 31.

Each day of the promotion 10 consumers will receive a coupon for a free bottle of VOSS, for 480 in total. Every week (six in total), someone will win a dinner for two at a leading fine dining restaurant.

“Using the VOSS distinctively iconic bottle at the center of the game and awarding prizes that are representative of a highly experiential VOSS World, reinforces what consumers like about the brand”, said Ken Gilbert, Chief Marketing Officer for VOSS Water of Norway.

About VOSS Water:

VOSS bottled water comes from an artesian spring in a sparsely populated area on the southern tip of Norway. Confined in an aquifer deep beneath the earth, its pristine natural condition is protected from the source to the bottle.  Naturally low in sodium and other minerals, VOSS has a fresh clean refreshing taste perfect for all hydration occasions and is also the choice of world renowned chefs wishing to enhance a fine dining experience. Recognized for its distinctly iconic bottle design, VOSS is now offered at the finest hotels and restaurants in 52 countries worldwide. VOSS is available in both Still and Sparkling. www.vosswater.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vossworld

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vosswater

Instagram: https://instagram.com/vossworld/

Take a Spin Around VOSS World: https://www.takeaspinaroundvossworld.com