WTRMLN WTR Debuts Liquid Love Ride at Art Basel Miami

b35252a4-6e8b-47af-b2ed-c86286b39553The WTRMLN WTR Liquid Love Ride debuted this week throughout the Wynwood Walls at Art Basel Miami. The bus, adorned with Babydolls, the brands version of a product specialist, are all beautiful people with a deep knowledge of fitness, health, and wellness clad in full bodysuits that replicate the products bright and poppy package with nutritional facts that go down their backsides. The Babydolls were on the street, dancing through the windows of the Liquid Love Ride a retrofit school bus wrapped in the brands signature watermelon skin and hot pink decor, sharing the WTRMLN WTR story and making a spectacle in the midst of the spectacle that is Art Basel Miami.

The WTRMLN WTR Liquid Love Ride will be making appearances nationwide this year at athletic events, festivals and retailer locations with the promise to spread love, happiness, health, and share the brands story and mission.

‘Get Schooled’ with WTRMLN WTR.

WTRMLN WTR is a mission-driven beverage company committed to ‘Seeding Change’ by educating people about the importance of clean, healthy, chemical-free, sugar-free, non-pasteurized food and beverage production.

Don’t judge us by our sexy cover it’s what’s inside that counts.

The only ingredients in WTRMLN WTR is watermelon and organic lemon. No water, no sugar, nothing added! And we are packed with functional benefits!

Hydration – 6 x the electrolytes (Potassium) of sports drinks and coconut water.

Antioxidants- Lycopene to fight free radicals and boost immunity

Enhanced performance – L-Citrulline, which helps prevent muscle, fatigues and helps

with muscle recovery.

Nutrients – Vitamin C, magnesium.

One Person Trash is Another’s Treasure …

There are 800million pounds of unused watermelons in America annually due to imperfections of shape and skin. WTRMLN WTR works with farmers across the U.S. to purchase and press these otherwise unused melons into WTRMLN WTR. There is pound of watermelon in every bottle of WTRMLN WTR.