Belvoir Fruits Farms Launches Four New Flavors

9a46dcae-9cde-4c7b-8f19-fb18fb33feffNew York, NY- March 4, 2016 – BELVOIR FRUIT FARMS, home of the iconic, lovely, sparkly artisanal lemonade from the UK, is launching four new ORGANIC flavors: Cucumber & Mint, Dragon fruit & Raspberry, Lime and Lemongrass and Elderflower & Apple.

Made from traditional and artisanal recipes at the Belvoir Fruit Farms, with 100% organic ingredients, non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, no preservatives, no sweeteners or artificial colors and presented in a lovely handcrafted bottle, these new scented flavors will delight every palate.

Responding to the consumer demand and appeal for the growing interest in exotic and unusual flavor combinations, Belvoir Fruit Farms’ new flavors will complete the range of lovely handmade lemonades. “Belvoir has rapidly become one of the fastest growing specialty lemonade in the US market and we look forward to further accelerate our rate of growth with these fantastic innovations” says Olivier Sonnois, Team Leader at BWR, exclusive distributor of Belvoir in North America.

Belvoir Fruit Farms launched its first lemonade in the US in 2011 and has grown successfully ever since. This range of refreshing alternatives to the traditional soft drinks offers also multiple opportunities as cocktail mixers and cooking recipes.

Belvoir is available in major stores, bars and hotels across the US. Contact us