CEDAR Juice Launches New Line of Cold Pressed Juice Smoothies

Toronto, ON, August 2, 2016 ­ CEDAR Juice, t​he nation’s leading cold pressed, non­GMO juice company announced the launch of their new line of cold pressed juice smoothies. Smooth, delicious and healthy, their cold pressed juices smoothies combine whole food purees,and plant based fibre and protein, along with CEDAR’s unique blends of cold pressed fruits and vegetables.

The Fiber Smoothies, contain ground flax seed and pureed fruits & vegetables, and have up to 11 grams of fibre in each serving. Each bottle contains 4­6 pounds of fruits and vegetables which are non­gmo and cold pressed. The Protein Smoothie, contain raw shelled hemp seeds, ground flax seed and cold pressed fruits and vegetables with 11g of protein and 11g of fiber per serving.

“In launching these Smoothies, we are introducing cold pressed juice smoothies to the market, made with nothing but fruits, vegetables and plant based fibre and protein,” said David Ford, Co­Founder of CEDAR Juice. “With this launch, we are pleased to bring true innovation to the Canadian marketplaceb. With the smoothie, you get all the benefits of cold pressed juice, including its nutrient density, plus the added fibre and protein which Canadian families are trying to get more of each day.”

CEDAR Juice’s Smoothies come in four delicious flavours including a protein beet & berry, a tropical fibre carrot, a hard core green fibre, and a sweet green fibre. The 700ml bottles retail for $7.99 and can be found at Loblaw, Zehrs, Your Independent Grocers and Provigo stores across Ontario and Quebec.

About CEDAR Juice

CEDAR Juice is the leading, non­gmo, cold pressed, high pressure processed beverage company in Canada. CEDAR Juice launched in July 2014 with a mission to create unique flavour combinations and irresistible tasty beverages that deliver premium superfood nutrition. Each of the juices are purposefully designed to taste amazing, and be as nutritious as possible.Eating well helps us live well, and CEDAR Juice wants to help by making healthy juices which are convenient & tasty. All juices and smoothies use High Pressure Processing (HPP) to kill any harmful bacteria and preserve maximum nutrition and taste.

For more information, please contact Ashley Cuff at 416­846­3922 or email at ashley.cuff@cedarjuice.com