EBOOST Launches New SPRUCE and POW Supplements at Vitamin Shoppe


(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE): EBOOST®, the natural energy booster, is introducing its newest products to one of the country’s leading health and wellness retailers. SPRUCE® (energizing whole greens powder with natural caffeine) and POW® (pre-workout with energizing formula and beta-alanine) are now available in Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide and online at vitamineshoppe.com.

SPRUCE® is an energizing whole greens powder and POW® is a pre-workout super enhancing powder that were both created for consumers to help with overall wellness. EBOOST® SPRUCE® has one and a half servings of green vegetables and is a great source of fiber in an easy-to-mix, delicious powder that makes the days of tedious juicing a relic. SPRUCE® is a next-generation alternative to juicing or buying pre-made green juices. It is a delicious green-apple flavored powder that can be mixed with water, milk, juice or even a protein shake or smoothie.

According to EBOOST® Founder and CEO Josh Taekman, the need for SPRUCE® was clear:

“SPRUCE® is a convenient, energizing alternative to juicing and ready to drink green juices with only 1 gram of sugar and 1.5 full servings of veggies in every delicious serving. With close to 60% of Americans deficient in their RDA of veggies, we found a delicious, nutritious and affordable way to get your greens. We saw a growing trend in juicing and knew that we could create a quality product that was affordable. And now, it’s more available than ever!”

Each packet of SPRUCE® contains one and half delicious servings of vegetables, 3 grams of fiber and an energizing kick of natural caffeine to keep you going throughout the day (the caffeine comes from natural coffee cherries!). SPRUCE’s three servings of veggies come from 5 key green vegetables, all Air & Freeze dried to maintain the highest level of quality (never cooked). Each packet contains ¾ cup of spinach, ¾ cup of kale, 3 florets of broccoli, 1/3 cup of asparagus and 1/3 cup of cabbage. Getting your vegetables has never been easier, and now they’re available at the nearest Vitamin Shoppe!

Each scoop also contains 42mg of natural caffeine (roughly the same as a small cup of coffee) and antioxidants from whole coffee cherries. SPRUCE® is a greens powder that lets you feel the difference with just a few sips! SPRUCE® is vegan and allergen and gluten-free. SPRUCE® is also non-GMO and has no added sugars, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

EBOOST POW® PRE-WORKOUT SUPER-ENHANCER is a powdered drink mix with key ingredients that promote maximum performance of mind, muscles, and body. POW® works in a variety of ways to help you LOVE YOUR WORKOUT. POW® is packed with brain-boosting ingredients 5-HTP, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, DMAE, and natural caffeine from unroasted coffee beans to increase energy and mental well-being.

POW® also contains Beta-Alanine, a naturally occurring amino acid that promotes greater exercise tolerance by supporting the ability of your muscle cells to buffer acid levels; research suggests this helps the body fight off muscle fatigue.

POW® also benefits your joints. POW® contains Fruitex-B®, a nature-identical form of boron known as calcium fructoborate that has been shown to promote joint comfort in as little as one week of use. Like SPRUCE®, POW® is non-GMO, has no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners and is gluten, soy and allergen-free. POW® comes in two delicious flavors: Berry-Melon Fizz and Tropical Punch.

Taekman explains that POW® is a welcome addition to the pre-workout market and gives consumers something they won’t normally find on standard supplement shelves.

“Like all our products, including SPRUCE®, POW® is manufactured to the highest quality and contains a blend of natural ingredients that help you ENHANCE YOUR WORKOUT and performance. Once you try our pre-workout and see the mental AND physical focus, we bet you won’t go back to others.”

About EBOOST®: EBOOST® was founded in New York City in 2007 by entrepreneurs Josh Taekman and John McDonald. Their mission was to create products that were natural, non-GMO, and built to deliver BETTER PERFORMANCE with a healthy BOOST of energy combined with other functional benefits across every product. EBOOST® products are designed by a team of experts with over half a century of combined experience in dietary supplements and natural products. For more information, please visit: www.eboost.com

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