Eternal Water Hires Over 85+ Years of Beverage Experience

dbltjnmgWalnut Creek, CA – November 10th, 2016 — Eternal Water, one of the fastest growing premium bottled water companies in the United States has welcomed Jay Alexandrovich, Mark Ladley, Stephen Edinger and “Downtown” Tommy Brown to their Sales Team. The four industry veterans bring a combined 85+ years of experience to Eternal Water, having helped establish and grow hydration brands such as SoBe, Glaceau, Sweet Leaf Tea, Nestle Waters, High Brew Coffee, National Beverage, Hansen’s, Jones Soda, Nawgan and progressive positions at MonsterEnergy, MillerCoors and American Beverage Co.

Jay Alexandrovich, a beverage veteran with 20+ years experience in the industry, has been named Vice President of Sales for the Western region. Alexandrovich brings distributor management leadership alongside grocery and convenience store experience with Snapple, M&M Mars, Fiji Water, Hansen Beverage Company and VEB Division of Coca-Cola. “The category is thriving and I’m excited to get back into the water business,” said Alexandrovich. “The culture of this company is truly special and something I wanted to be part of.”

“Downtown” Tommy Brown, as known to many in the industry, joined Eternal Water this past April as Vice President of Sales for theEastern region and contributes over 30 years of experience in DSD grocery alongside convenience store channels. He began his career withPolar Corp., worked with National Beverage, Hansen’s, Jones Soda, and Nawgan. “I’m proud to be a part of a company that is building a truly premium water right here in the USA, and with CSD sales on the decline, Eternal Water is, the wave of the future,” said Brown. “Our CEO, Karim Mashouf, is innovative, creative, and cutting edge, and that resonates to a much bigger picture in this competitive premium sandbox.”

Stephen Edinger joined the Eternal Beverages Team early October as the Director of Sales for the Southeast region. He began his career with E&J Gallo Winery and held progressive positions at Monster Energy, MillerCoors and American Beverage Co. Edinger contributes over 25 years of experience.

Mark Ladley, rounds out the Eternal Beverage Sales Team as the Director of Sales for the Midwest, also as of early October. Since 1997, Ladley has worked on the DSD supplier side building well known brands such as SoBe, Glaceau, Sweet Leaf Tea, Nestle Waters and most recently, High Brew Coffee.

Across the country, retailers and consumers are acknowledging Eternal Water and the health benefits of drinking pure and pristine bottled water. The company looks to end 2016 with sales up 50% over prior year and is poised for new product launches and incremental growth for 2017.

Founder and CEO Karim Mashouf comments, “It’s been an excellent 2016 and I’m proud to have the talent and key players on board to help us continue our aggressive growth trajectory and commitment to educate consumers about why they should drink Natural Spring Water and not bottled tap water.”

About Eternal Water

Eternal Water comes from the most Pure & Pristine water sources on Earth. Sourced from Protected Underground Springs, Eternal Water is the #3 Premium Sourced Bottled Water in the USA and one of the fastest growing premium waters in the category. Eternal has swept this category in the last few years boasting 86% incremental sales and over 60% repeat purchase rates, generating one of the most loyal customer bases in bottled water. Eternal Water has national distribution and can be found in the country’s largest retailers across all channels. Learn more about their products and benefits at