Eternal Water Makes its Move into Conventional, Enters 1,600 Walmart Stores

EternalWater_970In what marks Eternal Water’s first major move outside of the natural and specialty channel, the premium bottled water brand has been authorized for sale at 1,600 Walmart stores.

Eternal, which sources naturally alkaline spring water from New York’s Allegheny Mountains, Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains and the Shasta-Trinity Alps of California, announced the news last week. Co-founder and CEO Karim Mashouf, who launched the brand in 2008, called the new distribution “a significant step forward for our brand to reach a larger number of customers.”

In a call with BevNET Mashouf called Walmart the brand’s “first mass-market customer.” He also revealed the company will service the world’s largest retailer directly, rather than going through a distributor.

Despite its alkaline properties Mashouf has been quick to distance Eternal Water from other prominent players in the emerging alkaline water space, instead likening his brand more towards premium imported natural spring and mineral water brands, almost like a domestic Fiji or Evian. It’s that pure and pristine source, Mashouf said, that’s been the brand’s primary value proposition, whereas “artificially enhanced” waters in the space, derived from municipal sources, have had to rely on their alkalinity.

“Our sources happen to be naturally alkaline and we call that out, we don’t have to lean on that,” Mashouf added. “All the other ‘alkaline waters’ have to draw attention to their alkalinity because what they really are at the end of the day is just filtered tap water.”

Even with the current hype around the alkaline water category, Mashouf said its source will continue to be its premium proposition, and will be what continues the brand’s growth and push into retailers.

“In today’s world every category in consumer packaged goods is moving towards better-for-you, healthier, organic, natural products,” Mashouf added. “People are going to wake up and say they don’t want artificially enhanced water.”

The company’s press release can be found below:

(Walnut Creek, CA – August 1, 2016) – -Eternal Water, the third largest premium sourced bottled water company in the United States, has announced a distribution deal with Walmart across 23 states. Through this partnership, Eternal Water will now be available in almost 1600 stores, offering their 1L bottle. The premium, naturally alkaline water company kicked off this partnership early July.

“Adding Walmart as a major distributor for our water is a significant step forward for our brand to reach a larger number of customers,” said Karim Mashouf, Founder and CEO of Eternal Water. “In less than 6 years we have grown to be the third largest premium sourced bottled water company in the country by being the first to offer alkaline water in the category. The difference is that our water is naturally alkaline, meaning that the pH is in a basic state ranging from 7.8 – 8.2. Walmart has an incredible reputation as the world’s largest retailer, and is increasingly investing in the all-natural food and beverage trend. We are excited to be a part of their journey towards offering more pure products to consumers.”

In a world where most bottled water is municipally sourced and artificially enhanced, Eternal Water is 100% All-Natural with nothing added nor removed, allowing them to not require an ingredient label. “It’s absurd to me that most waters have an ingredient label on them. Water shouldn’t have any ingredients or be artificially enhanced,” said Mashouf. “We didn’t make our water, we discovered it!”

Eternal Water comes from the most pure and pristine natural water sources in the USA. They are nationally distributed across major retailers in America.

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