Expo West 2016 Video: Koa Starts to Sparkle

A first time exhibitor at Natural Products Expo West, Koa markets a uniquely formulated zero-calorie, juice-based beverage that the company calls “olakino.” Koa showcased several line extensions at the 2016 event, including a sparkling variety.

Olakino is made from a blend of fruit and vegetable juices that is filtered to remove sugar and calories. The remaining liquid is near colorless, has a very light citrus and mint flavor and is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Koa Olakino is currently available in three varieties: Original, Raspberry and Lavender.

In the above video, Koa CEO Adam Louras speaks with BevNET Managing Editor Ray Latif about consumer education of olakino and the company’s approach to innovation and new product development. Louras also discusses Koa’s distribution goals for 2016 and the addition of beverage industry veteran Ken Sadowsky as an advisor.