Forto Strong Coffee Unveils Mocha and Caramel Flavors

37b61dfd-e2f6-4fda-bea1-da6528c162fbNEW YORK (April 14, 2016) – FORTO Strong Coffee, the organic, fair-trade and cold-brewed highly caffeinated coffee shot, has added two new flavors to its portfolio: Mocha and Caramel. The new flavors add subtle aromas to the strong black coffee of FORTO, made using 100% Arabica beans and cold-brewed for 20-hours.

Mocha FORTO has a smooth chocolate finish, while Caramel FORTO is decidedly nutty, balanced by adding hazelnut to modify sweetness. FORTO is available in a handheld 2oz. bottle and contains 200mg of caffeine, the equivalent of drinking two cups of regular coffee. The new Mocha and Caramel flavors join existing French Vanilla and Espresso flavors.

“FORTO has been well received by customers and retailers so we knew expanding the available flavors was a natural next step,” said Neel Premkumar, FORTO Founder. “Mocha and Caramel are popular flavors that taste great with strong coffee.”

FORTO provides a natural boost of energy that can be sipped or taken like a shot. It can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerated and can be heated up to drink warm. To purchase FORTO or find a nearby retailer visit


FORTO is an Organic, Fair-Trade, and Cold-Brewed coffee shot that provides a quick, convenient boost of energy. Each bottle of FORTO has as much energy (200mg caffeine) as 2 regular cups of coffee, which is as much or more caffeine than the leading energy drinks. The name FORTO is based on the Italian word for strong, or forte. That’s what FORTO is – the strongest coffee on the planet. Our customers have similarly busy lifestyles as ourselves, and when they drink FORTO they trust the ingredients, they love the taste, and they instantly get the energy they need. By using an innovative bottling process that removes oxygen from the bottle, FORTO remains fresh for 18 months, and can be stored at room temperature, remain cold in a refrigerator, or be heated up in a microwave.