Mason Cold Brew Coffee Launches in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES – (July 21, 2016) Mason Cold Brew Coffee is the newest cold brew coffee brand on the scene. Founded by two siblings and distributed in Los Angeles, Mason Cold Brew is sold in a re-sealable Mason jar with four unique flavors including original, vanilla, lavender and mint, setting the cold-brewed coffee apart from competitors.

“The Mason jar was the water bottle of the Industrial Revolution, finding its way into the lunch box of every hard working person who electrified the nation,” said co-founder Elijah Senn. “We incorporated the Mason jar into our brand because we want to honor its legacy as we look to fuel the next generation of builders, creators and innovators.”

Roasted, brewed and bottled in the City of Angels, Mason Cold Brew uses a unique infusion process to subtly complement their coffee’s pure goodness with a hint of natural flavor and real ingredients, including organic lavender buds, vanilla beans and mint leaves.


This process draws out more complex flavors from the beans, and avoids the usual bitterness and acidity typically associated with coffee. The result is a smooth, drinkable cold coffee.

“We keep our coffee pure without any additives, preservatives, or sugars,” added co-founder Anna Senn. “We believe that cold brew should be natural and enjoyable without the need of artificial flavorings.”

Mason Cold Brew beans are organic, single-origin and sourced fair trade from Ethiopia. The cold brew is available in 12-oz jars with MSRP $5.00. Food supply services are able to order the product by the gallon.

Mason Cold Brew is available in select retailers in the Los Angeles area. Mason Cold Brew offers a subscription service to receive Mason Cold Brew at your door with scheduled deliveries – and you save 10%.

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MASON COLD BREW COFFEE is an Organic, Fair-Trade cold brew coffee with beans that are single–origin sourced from Ethiopia. Mason Cold Brew avoids the usual bitterness and acidity typically associated with coffee by avoiding heat throughout the brewing process. The name Mason originates from the Mason jar’s everyday use during the Industrial Revolution by the workers who built the modern world piece by piece. Mason Cold Brew comes in a Mason jar to remember the legacy of everyone who built before us and to fuel the next generation to build on.