Michael J. O’Donnell and Eric Skae Join The Veri Soda Company

3D_US_ColaNEW YORK, NY (February 2016) — After finalizing a second investment round in September 2015, The Veri Soda Company started looking for strengthening their core team with professionals with in-depth beverage industry knowledge and experience. The Veri Soda Company’s founders Leonard Vereecken and Zeger van Hövell are therefore proud to announce that Michael J. O’Donnell as chief commercial officer and Eric Skae as chairman of the advisory board have joined the company. Leonard Vereecken: “Michael and Eric have impressive track records as beverage industry professionals and share our values, vision and ambition for Veri to become a category taste leader in the healthier soda category”. Michael J. O’Donnell: “Veri soda is the right product at the right time for the natural and organic consumer”.

Zeger van Hövell: “We are excited to introduce Veri’s new design 4-pack carton packaging at Expo West 2016. Its high visual quality will increase shelf presence and optimize communication about product characteristics and brand values”.

Veri is derived from Latin veritas or truth and is “Truli Different”. The differences between Veri and its competitors in the industry are numerous, but most important is taste – Veri sodas are crafted with the best quality certified organic, non-GMO ingredients including a proprietary blend of organic fruit juices and organic plant extracts plus organic cane sugar and organic stevia, to deliver a low calorie soft drink with only 57 calories per can. Consumers give the four flavors – Veri Cola, Veri Orange, Veri Lemon Lime and Veri Ginger Ale – a “thumbs up” for its clean, effervescent flavor without the “after-taste” often associated with stevia-sweetened beverages.

Veri is probably the best soda in the world. Veri ticks all the boxes: all Veri sodas are organic, low calorie, low glycemic, non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Sodium Free, Caffeine Free and Gluten Free. It goes without saying that Veri’s operations are climate neutral.

Veri sodas are available at select stores nationally, with a suggested retail price of $4.99 for a four-pack.

Visit us at www.veri.organic for more information. The Veri Soda Company is also live on FaceBook at www.facebook.com/VeriOrganic and on Twitter, at #VeriOrganic.

The Veri Soda Company was founded in 2012 by Leonard Vereecken and Zeger Van Hövell, business partners and entrepreneurs in their native the Netherlands who together had launched a successful organic soda line in Europe, and had a mutual desire to bring their passion for healthy lifestyle and great tasting food for their families, as well as a strong commitment to the health of our planet, to the U.S. The Veri Soda Company’s mission is to be a category game changer, making no compromise in any phase of the soda business: providing the best-tasting organic sodas on the market, with the strictest commitment to sustainable business practices.