NACS 2016 Video: Trimino Momentum Growing Ahead of C-Store Push

Amid a growing market for protein beverages, Trimino is attempting to carve a niche within the segment via its four-SKU line of protein-infused waters.

With seven grams of whey protein and 28 calories per bottle, Trimino is positioned to appeal to both fitness enthusiasts and casual consumers, according to Trimino co-founder and CEO Peter Dacey. Speaking with BevNET at the 2016 edition of the NACS show hosted last week in Atlanta, Dacey lauded the brand’s performance over the past year, in which Trimino expanded its retail presence outside of the Northeast and saw volume increase by 400 percent.

Looking ahead, Dacey explained that Trimino’s expansion strategy is focused on expanding the brand’s points of availability, with a specific focus on convenience stores. In this interview, Dacey discusses the importance of getting the product into consumers’ hands cold and where Trimino fits into C-store coolers.