Press Clips: Coca-Cola Signs Jordan Spieth to Multi-Year Endorsement Deal

jordan spiethJordan Spieth Joins Team Coke

22-year-old golf superstar Jordan Spieth has signed an endorsement deal with Coca-Cola. ESPN’s Darren Rovell got the scoop on the multi-year deal, which will see Spieth appear in TV commercials and social media efforts on Coke’s behalf, and be featured on packaging for Coca-Cola and Dasani water products. While financial details of the partnership were not disclosed, a source familiar with the deal likened Spieth’s starpower to Lebron James, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift, all of whom serve as brand ambassadors for other Coca-Cola products.

“Jordan is a tremendous athlete who not only represents the golf community but American culture,” said Peggy Loos, vice president of connections activation at Coca-Cola. “He is authentic, comes across as modest and very much represents the values of our company.”

“Pharma Bro” Enjoys Tinder and Tea Time

Infamous and pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli, the man best known for his decision to hike up the price of AIDS drug Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 a pill, apparently has an expensive taste for tea. Washington Post contributor Jacklyn Collier recently detailed her Tinder date with the “Pharma bro”, in which Shkreli tried to court Collier by buying a $120 cup of “Gold Medal Sencha” at Brushstroke, a Japanese restaurant in New York City’s TriBeCa neighborhood. The New York Post would go on to get the scoop on the extremely rare tea, of which four kilos of leaves are grown in Japan each year.

Is a Coffee Crisis on the Horizon?

The Daily Telegraph says rising demand for top notch coffee could result in a shortage within the next three to five years. Jeffrey Young, managing director of Allegra Group, a food and beverage market research agency, told the publication that the “thirst for high quality coffee means that production is not keeping up with demand at a global scale so stocks have been declining.” Young would go on to point to the fact that the price of coffee has remained the same over the years, making it less of a priority for farmers.

Leslie Mann Points to Pot Juice as Insomnia Cure

Actress Leslie Mann, of ‘40 Year Old Virgin’, ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘This is 40’ fame, is crediting a marijuana-infused pomegranate juice as the cure to her sleeping troubles. During a recent appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, Mann said after a bit of experimentation with dosages she was able to get some shuteye, 18 hours specifically. Mann revealed she’s continued to treat her insomnia with the product since.

Walmart to Close 269 Stores

Wal-mart is closing 269 of stores across the world including 154 in the United States, a decision that company CEO Doug McMillion is calling “necessary to keep the company strong and positioned for the future.” The Wall Street Journal reports that the closures will eliminate 16,000 jobs globally, 10,000 of which will be in the United States. According to the WSJ, this could result in more than $600 million lost in earnings for the first quarter of 2016, however McMillon stated the retailer plans to open more than 300 stores globally next year.