Ramlösa USA Launches “Kärlek,” a Flavor of “Love” to Celebrate Pride

Ramlösa USA launches  “Kärlek” a flavor of “Love” to celebrate PrideRamlösa, a sparkling mineral water range of Swedish Trading Co. has announced the launch of “Kärlek” which means “Love” in Swedish.

As Official Sponsors of Stockholm Pride Week in Sweden, Ramlösa have always used the rainbow symbol to inspire and convey a simple message “LOVE”.  This year the rainbow symbol of love seems especially poignant in the wake of the recent tragedy in Orlando, Florida.

This summer, Ramlösa will donate 10% of sales of “Kärlek” to the LGBT community, through the One Orlando Fun.

The message of the flavor of “Love” is simple, that love comes in all kinds of shapes and flavors. So regardless of race, gender, country or religion, we are all the same, because, we are all bound by love.

For further information, please go to www.ramlosausa.com for limited stock on Ramlösa flavor of “Love”