ROAR Adds Cosmic Grape Flavor to its Lineup

e5932942-3ec9-42b7-8ff8-b660338aef79New York, NY (June 29, 2016) – This summer, ROAR’s electrolyte infused sports drink reaches intergalactic proportions with the launch of their all-natural electrolyte infused Cosmic Grape flavor guaranteed to ensure total domination of the sports hydration galaxy.

Cosmic Grape combines the expressive aspects of an energy drink with the functionality of a sports drink that is electrolyte charged with B-vitamins, infused with coconut water and scientifically formulated for an out-of-this-world taste that represents the evolution of sports drink hydration. This will be the ninth flavor in the brand’s portfolio of innovative products proudly manufactured in the USA.

“As with all our flavors we take great pride in creating a beverage that is inspired by the latest cultural lifestyle trends, that is not only healthy but speaks directly to our core consumer,” Roly Nesi, Chief Executive Officer for ROAR Beverages. “Cosmic Grape is an all-natural, B-vitamin packed, electrolyte infused new ROAR flavor that is guaranteed to stand out on the shelves and catch the eye of the next generation of sports drink enthusiasts who demand more than the beverage category currently offers.”

ROAR’s Cosmic Grape (20-fluid ounce bottle; 60 calories per 8oz serving) is an all-natural coconut water-based isotonic scientifically formulated with less sugar and NO artificial flavors, NO caffeine, NO preservatives, NO gluten, NO artificial flavors, NO high fructose corn syrup or NO brominated vegetable oil (BVO) available for purchase on

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About ROAR Beverages

ROAR represents a new breed of electrolyte infused hydration beverages. With a powerful base of coconut water and b-vitamins, ROAR is a bold, healthy, alternative to the sugary, artificial, traditional isotonic beverages available today.

Crafted for fast assimilation and long-lasting energy, ROAR’s advanced hydration system helps to replenish the body and mind while sharpening focus and quickening muscular response. Headquartered in Huntington, New York and manufactured at Lidestri Food in Pennsauken, NJ.

ROAR eight additional flavors including; the Odell Beckham Jr. Series OBJXIII (watermelon/strawberry), Fruit Slam (fruit punch), Green Rush (lemon-lime/cherry), Iced Out (blue raspberry), Orange Smash (orange citrus), Cotton Candy, Patriot Punch (rainbow Italian ice) as well as a zero calorie option Zero Ice (blue raspberry). In addition, as part of the Alliance for Healthier Generation program, the beverage company offers ROAR Lite a USDA Smart Snack approved (12 fl. oz. at 60 calories per serving) version offered in high schools throughout the country.