Scheckter’s Organic Unveils Brand Revamp, Adds Two New Flavors

2016 is already proving to be an exciting year for Scheckter’s Organic Energy with the release of two new flavours and a sweeping brand re-design. The organic energy drink brand, certified by USDA Organic, Informed Choice and Non-GMO verified, is establishing itself as the leader in natural energy.

The new additions to the Scheckter’s Organic Energy range are Scheckter’s Organic Energy Green Tea & Mint and Scheckter’s Organic Energy Green Tea & Ginger. Both flavours are the perfect combination of sparkling filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, organic green tea extract, organic guarana, organic caramel, Vitamin C and organic ginseng. The Green Tea Ginger is flavoured with organic ginger extract giving it a delicious and zingy taste, while the Green Tea Mint has organic spearmint extract making it particularly refreshing.

Scheckter’s Organic steps confidently into 2016 with a new look & new flavors

Alongside the release of these two new flavours, the Scheckter’s Organic Energy packaging looks to break the mould of energy drinks by taking on a new design and challenging the category. The new can graphics, designed by Magic8Ball, are inspired by traditional and artisanal food packaging. They enable the brand look to be closer to it’s organic credentials, while adding a level of sophistication that is currently missing in the energy drink sector.

Featuring a craft paper background and a bold ‘O’ for organic, the new Scheckter’s cans are designed to have exceptional stand out on the shelf. The new can graphics also use a color code to help differentiate between the four different variants. Each variant has a different shape and color within the ‘O’ – Original is red, Lite is grey, Green Tea Mint is green and Green Tea Ginger is orange.

Charles Phillips, CEO and co-founder of Scheckter’s, commented:, “We were the first to market as an innovator in the space of organic energy, and proud to offer a drink that is naturally different. We want to ensure we offer consumers a great tasting, refreshing and  healthier way to energize, as well as provide retailers with an added volume and revenue opportunity. With the new packaging and new flavors, we expect to further the growth of our brand  and lead this new premium category of adult functional soft drinks.”

The new packaging will roll out in May 2016 across the USA, UK, Netherlands and South Africa where the brand is widely available. In the USA Scheckter’s can be found in Wegmans, Whole Foods, Kings, Food Lion, Giant, Shaw’s, Stop & Shop, and many other quality retail outlets.

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About Scheckter’s Organic Beverages 

Founded in 2011, the company’s mission is inspired by a passion for natural and organic ingredients and a passion for performance. All the drinks in the Scheckter’s Organic energy range are a unique blend of all natural, quality ingredients which make for great tasting, refreshing and healthier way to energize.

Scheckter’s Originaland Scheckter’s Lite are the only energy drinks approved by Informed Choice – the agency which assures athletes that products carrying the Informed Choice mark have been regularly tested for substances considered prohibited in sport.