Velocity Launches Three Energy Shot Product Lines


Velocity Group has launched three new products to disrupt the stagnant energy shot category. These diverse alternatives not only provide more options in an industry dominated by a single brand, but also focus the messaging for each product by targeting specific markets and key demographics.


Shotz Natural is a unique and innovative alternative to typical energy shot products. The first of its kind, this brand was strategically created to reach active and healthy individuals. Health-conscious consumers, more than anyone, understand that everything they ingest is for the purpose of fueling their bodies. Shotz Natural energy uses only natural ingredients and values transparency about what goes into their product.


Shotz Energía understands the growing market for energy shots and drinks amongst the Hispanic demographic.This is why Velocity Group created a brand that directly targets the Hispanic consumer. Shotz Energía will utilize strategic messaging and Hispanic focussed flavors in order to maximize awareness and consideration in this demographic.


Go-Time Energy is a brand that was developed to cater directly to the increasingly influential millennial market.

This demographic values pushing the boundaries, stepping outside of their comfort zone, and experiencing life on the edge. Both the messaging and packing was strategically created to breakthrough the clutter and offer an energy solution to millennials who are always on the go.

By aligning Shotz Natural, Shotz Energía and Go-Time Energy with a consumer-centric approach,we are confident each brand will successfully penetrate the market and saturate the energy shot industry with more targeted strategies.