Veritas Coffee Releases Cold Press Coffee in Cans

USA-June 1st, 2016-Veritas Coffee, a Veteran owned and operated Virginia based Cold Pressed Coffee roaster and packager is introducing two of its flagship cold press coffees in 12-ounce cans. After two years of development Veritas is proud to introduce the perfect cup of coffee through its proprietary cold pressing process.

Veritas is helping to revolutionize the way consumers get their coffee. The current ready-to-drink coffee market is ready for a premium cup of coffee that is convenient to the consumer’s lifestyle. “The lifecycle of our coffee starts with the farmer and through science and dedication ends in the perfectly packaged and presented cup of coffee. From start to finish, we pride ourselves in keeping every process in house,” said Sean Arroyo, Veritas Coffee’s co-founder & CEO.


Veritas gets all of its coffee from sustainable sources; each batch of coffee is roasted in small batches. Veritas then uses a pressure steep and finishes with an infusion of nitrogen. The result provides the best taste a bean can give you and the perfect cup of coffee. “We at Veritas believe premium coffee can be approachable and convenient, while still delicious and fulfilling. Because of that we make a cold pressed coffee with the best ingredients in a simple and accessible package. It is the harmony of science and passion in a can,” said Arroyo.

Veritas will begin distributing throughout the Mid-Atlantic region July 1st, and throughout the East Coast beginning 2017. Initial launch sites will include Washington, D.C. and New York City.

Veritas will introduce the following products over the next 6 months:

• Bold

• Blonde

• Milk & Sugar

• Mocha

• Pumpkin Spiced Latte

• Peppermint Mocha Latte

“We wanted to create a product that was convenient to the consumer. Cans provide the consumer with ultimate accessibility when they reach for a premium cup of coffee. When people think of great coffee they can get anywhere we want them to think of Veritas,” said Arroyo.

About Veritas Coffee

Founded in 2015, Veritas Coffee is the premier provider of ready-to-drink cold press coffee. Cold Press Coffee made perfect through dedication to the craft of roasting, brewing and science then willed into existence by obsessive coffee drinkers. We have dedicated ourselves to creating the perfect cup of coffee through roasting and through process. In the search for the perfect cup we discovered the process of balancing nitrogen in coffee, this process drove us to create Veritas Coffee, the future of coffee. Come try our Bold traditional dark roast coffee infused with nitrogen or our non-traditional bright nitro Blonde roast coffee.

Veritas Quick Facts:

Veteran Owned and Operated.

100% Cold Press Coffee Focused Roaster.

From Crop to Can all processes are in house.

1% of every can they produce goes to charity.

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