Video: Humm Kombucha Co-Founder Discusses Partnership with Seattle Seahawks

Last year Humm Kombucha became the first kombucha brand to be sold at an NFL stadium. In October, Humm was authorized for sale at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field and given the title of the “official kombucha of the Seattle Seahawks.” At the time Humm co-founder Jamie Danek welcomed the challenge of bringing the kombucha category into unchartered territory.

“The kombucha market is saturated in the health foods space but that’s not just who we target,” Danek said. “We’re about the masses. We’re about accessibility. So we wanted to put our resources towards getting people to try Humm, which has the palatability to reach the everyday, American consumer.”

BevNET caught up with Danek earlier this month at trade conference KombuchaKon, where she discussed Humm’s experience thus far at CenturyLink Field. In addition to putting on a month-long sampling campaign at the stadium’s Touchdown City fan center, a Humm kombucha kegerator was added to the players’ cafeteria.

“The experience was awesome,” Danek said. “We basically went from nobody in CenturyLink Stadium – players, fans – knowing what kombucha was to sampling it to 10,000 fans over the last three months.”

In other Humm happenings, Danek revealed that the brand recently secured placements at 700 7-Eleven stores throughout the Pacific Northwest and California as well as at King Soopers supermarkets in Colorado. To support the new distribution and expand its production capacity, Danek says the company is in the process of opening a new facility.