Caddo Mountain Spring Water Receives USDA Grant

Hot Springs Village, AR — Caddo Mountain Spring Water, LLC, a start-up spring & artesian bottled water company, announced it has received a Grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help fund its Solar Power System. The Grant is derived from the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). The USDA provides REAP Grants to deserving rural small businesses which support long-term community & economic growth strategies. The Grants reflect multi-stakeholder collaboration & capitalize upon the unique strengths of the rural area. The company will use their Solar Power System to bottle its world class quality Caddo Mountain Spring & Artesian Water™ at the water source in Montgomery County, Arkansas. It will be the 1st water in the world bottled by the power of the Sun!

Barry Davidson, Caddo Mountain Spring Water, LLC’s Managing Member had the following to say about the USDA’s REAP Grant: “The USDA folks in Little Rock are an excellent group. We believe that they recognized that once our bottling facility is built, for the foreseeable future – rural Montgomery County, will host Caddo Mountain Spring Water, LLC’s production. In addition, once we start producing our solar power & putting any electricity we can’t utilize onto the electrical Grid – our neighbors & entire area benefit. It has been a pleasure to work with several different people on the various REAP Grant components. Most of those people share the same passions as we do for good water, economic development and the environment. At its core, renewable is sustainable!”

Barry also had this to say about solar power: “Although solar power is a relatively new to many, it is growing exponentially. We knew solar power was a natural fit for us given our project’s attributes. Sustainability attracts the socially responsible segment of the population who get to decide on the overall worthiness of products & the missions.”

Barry had the following to say about their company & water: “We are working hard on this endeavor. A start-up venture with a rural module is challenging to finance. However, we have confidence in our unsurpassed quality water & the rewards it offers in a robust marketplace. Our spring & artesian water is also sustainable-renewable, pristine & protected with a great legacy story. The company’s Eco-friendly position is exemplified by our commitment to sustainable energy. We believe the people of Arkansas & elsewhere will enjoy watching our outstanding development in progress as well as consuming our water.”