FitWhey Announces New Formula and New Flavor

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (August 11, 2017) — BFit Brands announced that FitWhey, the fitness beverage that combines protein and functional energy, is switching to an all-natural sweetener, removing the artificial sweetener Sucralose from the formula, and replacing it with a combination of natural stevia and 3 grams of natural cane sugar (per 16-ounce bottle). Stevia, an FDA-approved sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant, has 150 times the sweetness of sugar and is heat-stable.

BFit Brands also announced a new FitWhey flavor, Lemonade, which joins Grape, Berry and Orange in the brand’s lineup of refreshing RTD beverages. All four flavors will use the new formula highlighted by all-natural sweeteners, flavors and colors.

“FitWhey was already naturally flavored and colored, but with retailers and consumers becoming more conscience of how beverages are sweetened, we decided now was the time to make the change,” said FitWhey’s creator and co-founder Erik Rothchild, a 10-plus year veteran in the beverage business. “Now our consumers can truly live the FitWhey lifestyle.”

FitWhey represents a breakthrough in the fitness drink market. It combines 20 grams of whey protein with an energy component in an all-natural, non-carbonated beverage of 100 calories per bottle. FitWhey is sold in ready-to-drink 16-ounce plastic bottles. It is sold at more than 105 QT stores throughout Arizona, as well as Amazon nationwide.

FitWhey is targeted toward health-conscience individuals and fitness enthusiasts. It is ideal for fat-loss programs, exercise programs, weight-training programs, carb-conscience diets, athletic activities, and as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

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