Genius Partners with LA Distributing

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Genius — which recently re-launched its popular, in-demand coconut smoothie — has partnered up with LA Distributing, one of the premiere distributors in Southern California with a reach to thousands of independents and natural chains in Los Angeles and Orange County.

“This is a great move since we can now offer our specialty, premium, organic coconut smoothie product to local shops we could never get access to before,” said Genius founder and CEO Alex Bayer. “Our product is a perfect fit for premium coffee shops, eateries, and neighborhood markets carrying other premium juices and kombuchas. We couldn’t be more excited to be part of LA D’s exclusive portfolio.”

Genius is focused more than ever on increasing its exposure locally and re-strengthening its presence in Southern California with the re-launch.

“The coconut category is too crowded if it is just marketed as ‘water.’ The smoothie is a perfect blend of hydration and fiber which gives the customer a sense of being full after one bottle,” said Richard Medina, co-founder of LA Distributing. “It is a differentiator within the popular coconut category.”

Customers will begin to see Genius pop up in more niche areas as a result across Southern CA and Orange County. Bayer also urges customers to reach out to his team on their website contact page if they see a local shop that could carry a premium item like Genius.

“I am confident because of how unique the product is, any shop with premium items will find major value in what we are offering, and their customers will fall in love with an entire coconut blended into a bottle,” Bayer said. “It’s creamy, delicious, and filling. A value proposition that’s very hard to resist.”