Memento Unveils Aromatic Non-Alcoholic Blend

MILAN — Natural, authentic, healthy, pleasurable and sophisticated: these are the main characteristics of Memento, a blend of distilled aromatic waters filled with the scents of the Mediterranean. Made from organic ingredients, no alcohol, no sugar, no gluten, Memento is a sophisticated vegan product for a multisensory impact: it’s an elegant drink on its own and a versatile base for cocktails.

Memento emerges from a selection of botanicals and herbs with beneficial properties, blended according to ancient traditions.

The ingredients are distilled separately, allowing each single component to shine individually, giving a unique and individual taste. At the end of the process, all the elements are combined giving birth to a non-alcoholic distillate which is, at the same time, intoxicating.

Its heady aroma and natural fragrance, fills the palate and evokes images and feelings of the Mediterranean, a deja-vu of well-being and happiness thanks to the use of ingredients from the Mediterranean terroir:

Rosa, precious, with a delicate taste

Rosmarinus Officinalis, a source of energy and vigour

Lippia Citriodora, which provides joy and exuberance

Helichrysum Italicum, a source of depth and equilibrium.

About Memento

A world first for the “beverage” world, Memento is the only non alcoholic mixology product targeting the premium segment of the market thanks to its authentic and natural aroma and to its unique design.

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