SKI Announces New Look for New Generation

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (August, 2017) – The Double Cola Company launches a rebranding and exciting new package design for SKI, its unique citrus soft drink with real fruit, real flavor, and a kick of caffeine.

“We want to capture the two new generations of soda drinkers that are redefining the market—the Millennials and Gen Z,” says Cortnee Young, Marketing Coordinator. Authenticity, transparency, and strong values define the attitude and beliefs of these new consumers. With this introduction, also comes a chance for SKI Citrus Soda to appeal to new distributors and provide the flexibility for possible product line extensions.

The new branding and design represent SKI’s unparalleled originality, giving the product a one-of-a-kind look, separating the brand from its competitors. This unique design is also visually versatile, positioning SKI like it belongs in the category, while it stands apart from the citrus crowd. The response to the new look, feel, and tone has been very positive and enthusiastic.

The Double Cola Company, the parent company of the SKI brand, is excited about introducing the rebrand and new packaging design to the market. This surprising new look was the result of many hours of market research and a number of different concept and design prototypes before the final direction was decided upon.

Brian May, Senior Creative Director and President of Maycreate, The Double Cola Company’s advertising agency, said, “We’re excited about the work and the growth opportunities it creates for our client. This rebranding effort will definitely get noticed by our audience!”

SKI fans can rest assured that the product inside the can or bottle will always be SKI. The same recipe we’ve used for generations, which produces that unique lemon-orange citrus flavored refreshment we’ve been serving since 1956.

The new packaging will be in stores starting mid – September.

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