Well Ventures Corporation Closes $3M Funding Round

Well Ventures Corp. (Well), the country’s leading cold pressed juice brand, announced on June 1st, 2017 that it closed a CDN$3 million private placement, supporting the company in becoming the Canadian leader in superfood beverages and cannabis infusions for medical and recreational use. The financing was led by and investment from Metro 360 , Canada’s leading marketer and distributor of Magazines, Books, and Newspapers.

“The success of this latest financing positions Well to transform the superfood and pressed juice industry with infused beverages,” said co-founder and CEO Zack Lister. “In addition, Well will pursue the US market with legalized infused juice product distribution, establishing the company for fast-track entry into the Canadian marketplace following the passing of legislation in 2018.”

Infused juices will be created by combining cold pressed juice, THC, and CBD extracts using High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology. High Pressure Processing is a non-thermal food processing technology that allows for juices made with raw fruits and vegetables to endure a longer shelf life, while still preserving their nutrients and fresh taste.

“Well’s production facilities are equipped with HPP machines on both sides of the country, providing an unparalleled competitive advantage for manufacturing and distribution to major national grocery retailers,” Lister said.

Canadians are becoming increasingly aware of the food they consume to fuel their bodies, Lister says. “This has allowed Well to become the leader in Canada for health and wellness-based products. We are also beginning to grow our own organic greens, which will ensure product quality, consistency, and promotes local farms. This initiative is incredibly exciting for us, as it allows the company to be vertically integrated from the bottom, up.”

Well Juicery was founded in 2014 by Calgarians Zack Lister and Jeff Tumbach, who share a mutual passion for health, wellness, and entrepreneurship. What started out as a home juicing operation, Well has quickly grown to become the largest cold pressed juice and super food beverage company in Canada.

Well offers a wide variety of products in its line, from cold pressed juices to elixirs, cold brew coffee, alternative dairy products, and a newly introduced kombucha line. By the end of Q3 2017, Well products will be available in over 750 retail stores across Canada.

Eat. Drink. Live. Well.

For More Information Contact: info@welljuicery.ca, www.drinkwell.ca