Winter Fancy Food Show 2017 Video: Brands Within Reach Localizes Foreign Beverages

Introducing a foreign brand to the U.S. market is rarely an easy task, but New York-based distributor Brands Within Reach has built a successful business shepherding premium import food and beverages into the specialty and natural retail channels. The last two years have seen the company grow its portfolio considerably, most recently bringing on Hong Kong-based coconut water brand Jax Coco.

In an interview at the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show, Brands Within Reach CEO Olivier Sonnois said that the company and its supplier partners have benefited greatly from modern consumer trends toward healthier, all-natural products.

“The natural channel is obviously a great channel, especially when you have… a clean ingredient list, which those products all have,” Sonnois said. “Obviously we’re participating in the massive consumption shift that you see occurring in the U.S. consumer over the last 15 or 20 years and that has been accelerating I would say for the last three to five years.”

In this video, Sonnois discussed the growth of Brands Within Reach’s beverage offerings, including new varieties from Found, an Australia-based brand which signed with the company in 2015. He also discussed upcoming plans for alkaline water brand Qure and why he views the alkaline water category as one that could see double or triple digit growth over the next year.