Yuve Debits Vegan Nutritional Shake with Chia Seeds

New York, NY. (August 2017) – Yuve, Inc., a New York based brand of vegan supplements and foods, will debut its plant-based nutritional shake with chia seeds, a 2017 NEXTY award finalist, at Natural Products Expo East 2017 in Baltimore, MD at booth #8217. Since 2015 Yuve has been fighting the misconceptions surrounding protein powders with the mission to bring a good-tasting natural nutritional shake with wholesome ingredients. Yuve takes pride in their innovation and the award for the best vegan protein shake of 2016 by VegNews Magazine and PETA.

“Natural beauty and health are the result of holistic nutrition, not expensive creams or fad diets,” noted Yuve founder Lola Sherunkova, a former Russian dancer. “Maintaining health amidst the frenzy of modern life can often feel impractical. We offer a convenient wellness solution to simplify people’s lifestyle”.

Inspired by longevity recipes from around the world, the shake contains over 25 real plants and fruits, including goji berries, Japanese knotweed, spirulina, maca root, and chia seeds in its texture. Wholly drinkable, non-GMO, dairy/soy-free meal has no added sugar and tastes great without mixing it with other foods or fruits. Free of artificial flavors and colors, the shake is packed with complete plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, pro-aging enzymes and antioxidants. Combined, they improve digestion, blood circulation, muscle tone, immune system and appearance of skin and hair.

Since 2015, Yuve, Inc. has seen a big success due to a unique taste and quality of its products. Started online only, Yuve, Inc. grew a large online community and expanded its product line to more vegan products. Yuve, Inc. rapidly expands its retail distribution and happily meets the demands of its funs to find products in local stores.

Here is a link to the full ingredient list and nutritional information on Yuve below.

Yuve nutritional shake with chia seeds comes in two flavors, vanilla and chocolate, in 12 and 22 servings tubs and convenient individual packets. FREE samples are available at http://www.getyuve.com/free-trial 25%off wholesale price is available at Expo East 2017.

About Yuve

Yuve is a New York based brand of vegan foods and supplements. Yuve is committed to its mission to provide innovative wellness solution to simplify people’s lifestyles. It uses only pure and responsibly sourced ingredients for all its products. Yuve educates to embrace a vegan lifestyle for better health, fitness, and vitality.

Visit Yuve at www.getyuve.com and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – @GetYuve