The Ginger People to Showcase 3 Turmeric-Infused Drinks at Summer Fancy Food Show

NEW YORK, N.Y. — The Ginger People, which markets the world’s largest variety of ginger-based consumer packaged goods, will be showcasing three new turmeric-infused drinks at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show in New York.

A member of the ginger family, turmeric is one of the fastest growing functional foods and for The Ginger People, a logical extension to the brand:

“We’re all looking for something healthy yet tasty that is closer to the earth,” said The Ginger People co-founder Abbie Leeson. “And we believe turmeric is something people believe in. Like ginger, it’s another great example of a functional food that tastes good and ‘does good’.”

Turmeric owes its health promoting properties to the chemical compound Curcumin, which has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. A fellow warming spice, it can also help to improve digestion and circulation.

Each of the new turmeric products is made with either Javanese turmeric or Aromatica turmeric from Fiji, both arguably more effective than the common turmeric (Curcuma Longa), and with ginger, of course.

Tapping into the trend for superfood lattes, there’s a deliciously mellow Turmeric Latte Mix, a turmeric-based version of The Ginger People’s Ginger Soother elixir beverage and a potent Wild Turmeric Ginger Rescue Shot, one of three recently launched health shots.

From June 30 – July 2 you’ll find the new additions to The Ginger People family at Fancy Foods, at the Javits Centre, New York, Booth 2662. Be sure to join us for a turmeric latte, toss back some shots or treat yourself to a turmeric soother!

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About The Ginger People

Family-owned-and-operated, The Ginger People was established by Australian Bruce Leeson and his wife, Abbie, in 1984 to promote the goodness of ginger. Today, Ginger People Group owns the most award-winning ginger brands in the world and is the preeminent purveyor of value-added ginger food, beverage and dietary supplement products.

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