Hint Opens First Retail Store

SAN FRANCISCO — hint, Inc., a San Francisco-based company best known for its award-winning, unsweetened flavored water, and its Founder and CEO, Kara Goldin, are proud to announce the opening of hint’s first brick and mortar retail store, located at 2124 Union Street in the Cow Hollow/Marina district of San Francisco.

The vibrant 1,500-square-foot space is not just a store to purchase hint, it is also an experiential water bar where customers can sample flavors, soak in the hint culture, and become educated on what they’re putting into their body. The playful décor includes beautiful hint illustrations, a photo booth setup with a swing for two, and a counter-top with USB and AC ports for customers to come in, enjoy hint, and get work done if they please.

The hint retail store sells hint products including its award-winning hint water (flat), hint fizz (sparkling), hint kick (caffeinated), hint sunscreen, hint lip balm and a myriad of other merchandise, including branded phone chargers, portable Bluetooth speakers, Men’s and Women’s apparel, artist-collaborated tote bags, colorful pop sockets and more.

“We’re extremely excited to introduce the hint lifestyle to consumers in a new and interactive way through an experiential environment,” said Founder and CEO, Kara Goldin. “With our direct-to-consumer business, we’re always in touch with our customers, and now with a physical presence, we can amplify our message to consumers and fuel our growth as a disruptive omni-channel lifestyle brand.”

The brand’s new retail store features colors and aesthetics from its upcoming rebrand, to be announced soon, which was done in partnership with two artists who wanted to apply their vision for the brand of making every day amazing with hint products.

“Over the last few years, we’ve really grown tremendously across all our consumer channels, however people love stopping in the office to ask questions, learn more about hint, and buy some product. So, when the space opened up next door to our HQ on Union St., we saw the opportunity to build a unique brand experience for our consumers,” said Goldin. “We love the idea of being on Union St. in a more personal way and having the opportunity to bring something special to our customers every day.”

hint’s new flagship store is now open daily from 9 am to 7 pm. For more information, please visit www.drinkhint.com.

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