HydroONE Premiers at Lucy’s Market

GREENWOOD, S.C. — Currently launching its newly developed healthy beverage collection in Atlanta, HydroONE Premium Beverages took part in the 9th anniversary celebration of Lucy’s Market, located in the city’s Buckhead neighborhood.

More than 300 customers came to show support for the unique boutique, allowing various vendors to hand out samples to raise awareness of their unique brands. As tastings took place, customers were enthusiastic about both the taste and choice of flavors that HydroONE had to offer.

The HydroONE samples at Lucy’s Market featured a no-calorie green tea, with anti-oxidants and other ingredients to stimulate brain function, as well as the REVd line, which features the flavors blueberry & pomegranate and pineapple & mango. Additionally available was the athlete-oriented BÖDE Sport collection, containing the flavors lemon lime and black cherry grape. HydroONE was able to sell approximately 75 bottles to costumers, who were thrilled with both the product and the event’s exciting atmosphere.

Alex Tirado, HydroONE’s COO, called being sold in Lucy’s Market “a great opportunity”, citing it as a prime location for the product to be available, as the store “reflects all of HydroONE’s core values through the emphasis on health and natural products.”

Kim Wilson, the owner of Lucy’s Market, was impressed with the product’s reception from the public, prompting her to purchase four more cases of various flavors to sell at her store. Wilson said she was “thrilled that Lucy’s Market has come this far, and with the traffic in our store, we see no limit on how far Lucy’s Market will go tomorrow,” and said she “appreciated the participation of our vendors in our celebration.”