Kickback Cold Brew Introduces CBD-Infused Cold Brew Tea

Kickback Cold Brew, a Los Angeles-based company, recently announced a new line of Cannabidiol (CBD) infused cold brew tea beverages for consumers. These new beverages will be immediately distributed to Southern California markets and are also available on their website.

Pierre Real, Co-Founder and CEO of Kickback Cold Brew, is excited to introduce his company’s new beverages to markets and consumers: “Our team diligently experimented with many different organic teas from across the world before finalizing our new flavors. We’re overjoyed with the positive reception we’ve received from retailers and I couldn’t be more proud of our team.”

The cold brew teas follow suit with the original cold brew coffees by using organic and vegan single-origin ingredients along with organically extracted CBD. The new tea flavors also have distinctive names: Matcha’cha & Just Peachy. As per their names, one is a matcha-based drink along with almond milk, monk fruit sweetener, and CBD. The other is a black tea based beverage with peach, ginger, and honey. Both flavors are cold brewed and lightly sweetened similar to its original sister flavors.

The company also released a new coffee flavor as well, Coffee Date, which has their signature cold brew coffee along with coconut milk, and Tunisian date syrup mixed in. Their original coffee flavors were also renamed during their beverage haul– Golden Cashew and The O.G. flavors use the same recipe, but consumers may notice an enhancement in the flavor.

During their rebranding process, the Kickback team explored other variants of Cannabidiol to use in their ready-to-drink cold brew beverages. Initially using CBD oil, they now add 20mg of water-soluble CBD in each of their drinks. Kickback Cold Brew is the first company to use an organically extracted CBD from the hemp plant, and Real is confident that there’s no turning back.

“While CBD oil works in giving users the ‘functional chill’ feeling when combined with caffeine, water-soluble CBD’s strong miscibility with our cold brews enhances the flavors of our coffee and tea. Organically extracted CBD is here to stay for us and we’re proud to be the pioneers of this movement in the industry.”

Their website has a store locator page for visitors to find their cold brew at nearby locations, including Erewhon Markets and Backyard Bowls. For consumers who are not in the Southern California region, the CBD-infused coffee and tea can be purchased through their website.

To learn more about KickBack Cold Brew, visit their “About” page: