Navy SEAL Author Jocko Willink Launches RTD Iced White Tea

Jocko Willink, is best known for his brutal and gritty early morning workouts at 4:34 am and exhortations that “Discipline Equals Freedom” when it comes to business, health and winning. The more discipline you have today – the more options you have tomorrow.

With years of experience as commander of one of the Navy Seal’s most-decorated units he learned leadership and the importance of discipline in your health in those strenuous environments. Which is why his new mission is #GOOD for you nutrition, and especially better for you beverages in Jocko White Tea.

Available in a 16 oz RTD can already brewed and ready to drink on ice or available in dry bags you can brew yourself, this pomegranate white tea is delicious and a best seller on Amazon in the short three months since it’s launch. It’s rich in antioxidants with zero sugar, organic ingredients and an attitude of discipline and leadership. Boasting 600+ five star reviews, fans of the drinks crack jokes about hitting a “8,000 pound deadlift” and “growing chest hair” after enjoying the ironically pink liquid tea. Fans on Instagram post photos of their workouts lifting heavy weights, reading books, and making themselves better and healthier in body and mind.

And this tea is on trend! Consumers are hungry from low carb drinks, with lower caffeine so they don’t hurt your heart and natural ingredients that you can trust.

Jocko is a U.S. Navy SEAL officer and co-author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win. He also is the host of a new podcast that has hit the top 10 in iTunes business: Jocko Podcast.

If you’re thirsty for victory – take a sip!