Nomad Trading Co. Launches Nomad Energy

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Nomad Trading Co. was born out of Jon Epstein and Max Keilson’s dedication to Radical Sustainability. After selling Cascara, a tea made from the upcycled coffeefruit, for nearly a year in stores like Whole Foods and Eataly, they’re announcing a rebrand and new product, Nomad Energy.

The rebrand takes the brand in an earthier direction, paying homage to their passion for the environment and active lifestyles. Created by Magnifico Design, the new identity is about conveying the heart and soul of the brand clearly.

“We’re crunchy people. So are our customers. We hike, climb, ski, kayak, run, bike, our design should be evocative of who we are, and who our drinks are,” said co-founder Max Keilson.

Nomad Energy is a simple, plant based natural energy drink.

“We’ve listened to our consumers closely since day 1, and have focused on giving them exactly what they want,” said Keilson. “People have directly asked us for this. Cascara, in a can, with bubbles.”

“We’ve been testing recipes at Pilotworks in Brooklyn for months now, working to get the recipe where we want it. It’s got the fruity, black tea note from cascara, fresh squeezed lemon juice, it’s sweetened with a light maple syrup. We’re excited to share it with a larger audience,” said co-founder Jon Epstein. “It’s a superior functional replacement for whatever someone consumes for energy, whether that be coffee, a traditional energy drink, yerba mate, guayusa.”

Calling attention to their mission of Radical Sustainability has been key throughout. The drinks are made from cascara, an upcycled byproduct of the coffee growing process. They only sweeten using maple syrup, the most sustainable sweetener that there is. They operate as a paper free company, and are constantly seeking ways to reduce their impact.

The new product line is available for pre-order on Kickstarter here:

Beginning in September, Nomad Energy will be available at SRP of $2.99 in retailers around New York and direct to consumer from Nomad’s website.