Steaz Expands Distribution

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. — Loyal fans of Steaz, the nation’s leading organic and fair trade green tea-based beverage company, now have greater opportunities for finding their favorite functional and flavorful thirst-quenchers at local markets thanks to new distribution. Concentrated in the Southeast among retailers including Food Lion, Piggly Wiggly, Associated Grocers and Earthfare. The expanded Steaz distribution does reach further across the U.S. via Giant Eagle, True North and Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage. This expansion adds more Steaz products to well over 1,400 stores.

“Consumers are on a continued quest for alternative beverages that offer wellness benefits and ingredients they can feel good about, without sacrificing taste,” said Linda Barron, CEO of Steaz. “With new distribution gains , our organic, fair trade ingredient and functional beverages are more accessible than ever, enabling loyal customers to find their Steaz drink of choice and exposing a wider audience to the variety and flavor within our product lines.”

Steaz offers three healthy and delicious product lines, including Organic Iced Green Tea, Organic Energy and Organic Prickly Pear Water. All three product lines are made with Fair Trade ingredients. Steaz Prickly Pear Water is the only certified organic prickly pear water product blended with green tea on the market and the only single-serve beverage featuring this unique base. At the height of summer, Steaz Prickly Pear Water provides organic, great-tasting and ultra-hydrating refreshment, as each 12-ounce can contains the same amount of electrolytes as other functional waters, such as coconut water, but with nearly half the calories and sugar. All three flavors of Steaz Prickly Pear Water will now be available in 150 Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage locations as well as in 46 Earth Fare stores.

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About Steaz

Steaz is a brand of flavorful, great tasting, all natural, organic certified and fair trade green tea-based beverages in three healthy and delicious product lines – prickly pear water, iced green teas and energy drinks. Since 2002, Steaz has continued to provide fans with better, high-quality beverages while maintaining a strong socially responsible relationship with the brand’s ingredient partners around the world. Steaz’s pride is anchored in its organic certification supporting sustainable farming around the world. For more information, visit