Wild Tonic Releases Dancing Naked, Mind Spank and Wild Love Kombucha

Cottonwood, Ariz. — Continuing to redefine Kombucha and disrupt the beverage industry, Wild Tonic, the 100% woman-owned brewery announces the newest family member: Wild Tonic Hard Jun Kombucha 7.6% ABV. An entirely new category within the realm of alcohol, Dancing Naked®, Mind Spank® and Wild Love™ are the highest ABV Jun Kombucha sold on a national level.  Austin, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Seattle are among the first cities to debut these newest ferments.

In a recent conversation, Ms. Lyman, revealed the inspiration behind her innovative ferments and those of the future.

Q: The names Dancing Naked, Mind Spank, and Wild Love are so evocative & playful! What inspired you to not only conjure these names but also commission original artworks for them? 

Lyman: Dancing Naked is a tribute to Henri Matisse and his painting ‘The Dance.’ It is a playful rendition of three bears dancing “bare naked” around a honeycomb. I wanted the zinfandel notes to be celebrated with a bacchanalian-like visual.

The name Mind Spank was a collaborative concept that my husband, Randy and I came up with while on a road trip back in 2015 while driving back from Hood River, OR where we brewed beer with a master brewer for my husband’s 50th birthday. On the long drive home, we had the indulgence of having time to talk and ponder “what would be a fun name for the next most popular Millennial beer?” So with that in mind, I created a flavor profile to live up to the name, Mind Spank that is a sinfully delicious blend of coffee, chocolate, maple and of course a higher alcohol content.

Wild Love is about everything sultry and summer; blackberries and lavender and that tattoo illustration memorializes that obsession!

Q: These flavor profiles are much more complex than others in the Wild Tonic family. How did the idea to create them manifest? 

Lyman: The flavor profiles were inspired purely from an intuitive space where I am guided without rational thought interfering, much like when I am creating art. My main objective was to create flavors that complement the subtle nature of the Jun alcohol ferment!

Q: As an artist and a beverage pioneer, what would be your best piece of advice to other aspiring artists in the realm of the fine, culinary, and beverage arts?

Lyman: Don’t worry about the rules and what has been done before, always venture to the edge of what is already known and step carefully off into the unknown where things start to get exciting!

Q: Describe your favorite aspect of the Wild Tonic experience.

Lyman: The amazing group of 52 people who I get to work with every day that inspire me endlessly by their dedication and hard work!

Q: What’s next?

Lyman: Working with the bounty of 2000 plus organic heirloom apple trees that I am growing to ferment delicious and exotic things with!

Ms. Lyman concludes by saying “although a few companies in the country currently produce and sell an alcohol kombucha nationally, Wild Tonic is the first manufacturer of high alcohol Jun to be distributed nationally.”

About Good Omen Bottling, LLC®

At Wild Tonic®, our uncompromising commitment to quality and unbridled passion for innovation and bee conservation informs all that we brew!  Whether fermenting our unique variety of Jun Kombucha with honey or pioneering brewing processes that maximize the integrity of probiotics, within each cobalt blue glass bottle lies the most exquisitely crafted energy elixir you’ve ever experienced!  We thank you for making this one-of-a-kind Jun Kombucha part of your healthy lifestyle!

To learn more about the Wild Tonic® brand, visit www.wildtonic.com.  Kombucha Redefined™.